School Committee Holds First Meeting of School Year

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee held their first meeting of the new school year on Tuesday in the Calais Middle/High School library. 

Once the meeting was called to order and the previous meeting’s minutes were approved the Committee moved onto the Superintendent’s report. 

Mr. Moholland reported that Brenda Hornbrook, Jody Ann Morrell, and Maryellen Morrell  were brought on to work in the cafeteria part time to replace some members that are no longer there. Moholland also reported that there would be a new grading system in place for the school assessments. 

Moholland: There still will be offering the SAT and ACT to students who want to take them but starting in the Spring of 2015 the State will be going to Smarter Balance for the grades. As more information becomes available we will brief you on it.

Moholland also requested that there be at least one School Committee member on the hiring committee. Earl, Greenlaw, and Farrar all agreed that they would sit on the hiring committee. 

The next action was the school administrator reports on how the first day of school went. The elementary school reported that there was a problem with the busing. One of the buses arrived late making the students late for school. The administration talked about shifting the start and end times of school back by ten minutes to compensate for the late bus. While no final decision was reached at the meeting it was decided that the superintendent and the busing company would meet and discuss what the best option for the school and  the kids would be. 

In new businesses Troy Hatton from Dead River talked to the School Committee about the work on the boilers and the propane pipeline work. Propane tanks were installed at the high school to make it possible to switch the school from oil heat to propane. It is not feasible to switch the heat to propane but when it does become feasible, Dead River will install the necessary external pipe lines for no charge as part of the original agreement. 

The Committee also appointed members to fill the empty seat on the Policy and Finance Sub-Committees vacated by Marcia Hayward. Farrar agreed to take the empty seat. 

The Committee also approved the trip for the CMS/CHS student members to attend the State Student Council Conference at Camp Kieve in Nobleboro. Vanessa Flood was appointed as the Special Education Teacher for the Calais Day Treatment. Finally they accepted the Calais School Committee readings on four Committee Polices. 

The next school committee meeting will be held in the Calais Middle/High School library on September 16 at 6pm.