Town News

Cassie Oakes

It has been a slow news week and again I am asking you for help, all my contact info is at the end of the column.  I really want to recognize those who are active in our community doing fun and good things.  Last week I told you of some of our high school students participating in sports, well there is one more Chabre Poole of Alexander is on the WHS Volleyball Team.  I heard that her sister Danielle Poole is running Cross Country on the Princeton team.  Who else can we recognize for doing something good or having fun and staying fit at the same time?

Another family with strong connections to Alzheimer’s and Alexander walked this past Saturday, September 20th only this time it was in Calais.  Justina Goodine and her mom, Kathy Goodine, walk every year, but this year they also joined the planning committee.  Justina was awarded a Champion’s Club Medal for personally raising over $500.  There were ninety walkers registered and only five individuals became part of the Champion’s Club.  The Goodine Duo walk on a team that was called Memory Walkers, but this year they changed the name to In Memory of Mary Porter, who lost her life to Alzheimer’s this past December.  Mary was Kathy’s mom and Justina’s grandmother.  Good folks doing good things.  These are the things that I like to report!

Sunday, September 21st was a joyous day for Bohanon, Crosby and Randall Families and friends when, Catherin Lin Bohanon, was baptized at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville.  Caty Lin is my cousin and she wore a beautiful family heirloom baptismal gown that has been passed down through the family.  My grandmother, my mother, Caty Lin’s mother, Ali and Auntie Sissy (Beth Crosby) along with myself all wore this gown.  Making the day even more special I share the responsibility of Godmother with my cousin and her Aunt Beth.

People’s United Methodist Church is getting busy, Kids Club, the Club House (both formerly known as Sunday School) and Prayer Partners are all back up and running.  Monday Night Bible Study has moved to Wednesday night.  They are also taking part in October Fest in Baileyville this year by putting on a Turkey Supper on October 10th. No folks this is not a misprint this is a Friday not their regular Thursday supper night.

I also want to send out a special get well to my very own favorite pew partner at PUMC Marilyn Trafton who has been a bit under the weather lately.  Get well soon Marilyn I miss you.

Others I would like to send a shout out to who are feeling a bit under the weather are Frank Green and Maxine Seavey.

I want to send my sincere condolences to Cathy Blake of Alexander and her family on the passing of her Mom, Dorothy Shankel.  Mrs. Shankel’s grandchildren include, Bryan, Caleb and Rebecca Blake.

Another family lost a loved one this past week; the Niles Family lost David Niles.  David stopped by Randy’s Variety often when he was in town and has many ties to Alexander, mom Janet Niles and his brothers Dana and Mike Niles and their families all reside in Alexander.  My family and I along with so many in our community send their deepest sympathy to the entire extended family and their friends.

On Saturday, September 20th the Alexander Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders had their mandatory annual training which included Blood Born Pathogens, Fire Extinguishers, Driver’s Training, and Hazardous Material Awareness.  Eleven Volunteers took part in this day long event.  We in Alexander and surrounding towns are lucky to have such dedicated folks in our area.

Alexander Grange met on Wednesday, September 17th and installed officers, doing the whole process themselves.  First time for many of the folks to do this, but under the tutelage and watchful eye of Howard “Pike” Seavey those there learned a lot!  Thanks Pike for all your help.  Officers for the upcoming year include Master Barbara Webber, Overseer Dale Holst, Lecturer Elizabeth McVicar, Steward Ashleigh Pyles, Asst. Steward Lenny Hanson, Lady Asst. Steward Willow Newman, Chaplain Deb Hanson, Gatekeeper Pike Seavey, Pomona Kayla Pyles, Ceres Tracy Stange, Flora Cassie Oakes and Sec/Treas. Rhonda Oakes.   

Grangers had a busy week.  On Saturday, September 20th, they participated in running the concession stand at the Annual Ham Fest held at AES. There was a good crowd and the ladies (Asheigh Pyles, Elizabeth McVicar and Rhonda Oakes) working that day served breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, chili, corn chowder and an array of drinks and sweets.  

Keep an eye and ear open as word has it that the Grangers are planning on putting on their famous Hunters’ Lunches again this year.  There will be two, so mark your calendars, one on Columbus Day and one on Veterans’ Day.

AES held their  Annual Fall Open House on Monday, September 15th.  Lots of family and friends visited the school, checked out the classrooms, met the teachers, and shopped at the Book Fair.

AES also said good bye to school janitor Trevor Leighton this week.  He will be missed by many and the students and staff wish Mr. Leighton good luck with his new job.

Sneakers are required on the playground for your child’s safety.  Please be cautious when sending in homemade snacks with your child that they are peanut/nut free.  Please make sure to check all snacks.  Picture day is Thursday, September 25th.  The forms this year are pre-printed and need to be returned with all students, even if you are not purchasing pictures.  Please save your milk tops, the screw on types only please.  The school no longer needs any milk jugs. 

The Lucky Loser this week was Mathew Sullivan.

If you have news, email me at, call at 454-2344, or mail at 1328 Airline Road, in Alexander.