Grand Lake Stream

Town News

Dave McCullough

On Sunday, 23 women from Grand Lake Stream went to the Penobscot Theatre production of “Honky Tonk Angels”.  Before the show, they had lunch in the Grand Laker Room at the new Dysart’s restaurant on Broadway in Bangor.  It was a wonderful day...good food, lots of laughter and best of all great company! The show was splendid!  

The Women to Women group recently put a fresh coat of sealant on the play set at the Grand Lake Stream playground.  Looks great!

A set of keys were found at Big Lake Shore Road, Greenlaw Chopping near Grand Lake Stream.  For information call Elaine Brown at 796-0888.

Have you noticed a beautifully restored GMC truck cruising the Grand Lake Stream Area? Be sure and wave a friendly greeting!!

News from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Work on Amazon Road: In a cooperative project funded by the National Resources Conservation Service, the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, Lyme Timber and Project SHARE have undertaken a large habitat improvement project which shut down Amazon Road during the third week of September.  By removing a crushed, outdated and beaver-blocked culvert and replacing it with an 18 foot wide and nine foot high steel bottomless arch, trout will now be able to move up and down Amazon Brook. This project is the biggest of its kind that the DLLT has done, and it extends its thanks to the community for their patience during the road closure.

New DLLT Executive Director Takes the Reigns

The DLLT is pleased to welcome David Montague as he settles into his new role as the Executive Director.  David comes with an extensive background directly relating to the DLLT’s mission.  He is a registered Maine guide; has a BS in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology from Colorado State University; and has just completed a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Science from Virginia Tech.

Feel free to stop in at the DLLT offices to say, “Hello!” and share your ideas with the newest resident of Grand Lake Stream.

Up-Coming Programs

The State of the State’s Deer Herd: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

School Building, Water St, Grand Lake Stream

Join the Downeast Lakes Land Trust in welcoming Maine’s head deer biologist, Kyle Ravana for a conversation about white-tailed deer.

At the northern edge of the white-tail’s range, Kyle will discuss the particular issues surrounding deer management in the Downeast Region.  Kyle will highlight the importance of mature conifer stands as a source of winter cover, as well as explore concerns around winter feeding. The Farm Cove Hermit’s story. “Loon Notes”

Just as the October Cry of a skein of geese reminds us of the winter ahead the yodel of a loon in May ushers in the long days of summer.

I take for granted their annual reappearance and fall departure. Loons don’t disappoint.

Several Septembers past while cutting brush in front of camp a mid cove commotions caught my attention. Binoculars revealed a pair of loons, one upside down.  Its mate was franticly trying to force it upright.

After some minutes I decided to lend a hand and rowed out to the scene. Failing to turn the loon over with an oar I picked up the bird, obviously dead.  The size amazed me. Careful examination revealed no outward damage or wound. I brought the loon to shore and buried it properly.

Sometime later when talking to a game warden I recounted the episode.  He was quick to inform me that I should have contacted him so the loon could be taken to UMO for internal examination.

Should you encounter a unique bird or animal situation a call to the area warden would be advisable. Warden Brad Richards can be reached at 557-0987.

The ATV Club ride to Fox Hill Diner was enjoyed by 18 people. A few people traveled by automobile. The Italian meal was delicious and those riding on ATV’s arrived back in GLS just at dusk so the timing was perfect. Another great event by the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club!

Mark your calendar for upcoming Snowmobile Club events.  More details to follow next week. Monday Oct. 6th a club meeting will be held at the school house. The 2nd annual spaghetti dinner will be held October 18 at the school House.  Mark your calendar!                 

Have a great week! Your humble Correspondent, Dave McCullough   207-839-4205 or