Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

This week’s column brings an update on the renovations at the library, end of season for the Farmers’ Market, and activities at the elementary school. Volunteer David Herrick has been working on removing walls in preparation for reconstructing the restroom to be handicap accessible. Measured out the required floor space and two closet areas and as I prepare this is working on the studding for the new walls and doorway from the former children’s area to the addition. Last Week, Town Clerk, Wendy Harmon who is volunteering to do the replumbing of the restroom, was in to assess the site and discuss with Mr. Herrick what was being done.  Last Friday, we had someone take measurements of the areas to make an estimate of heating/cooling costs and equipment needed. Also David Morissey, who has volunteered to do the electrical wiring spoke with Mr. Herrick about the needs. It is all a work-in-progress dependent partly on the schedules of the volunteers. The progress which has been made is very encouraging and much appreciated by everyone.

The Farmers’  Market website sums up the end of season four .It states “Leigh from Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets came to visit yesterday (Thursday, 9/18) at our last of the season market. What a great pictorial story from an outsider’s view on our town, market, vendors...seems a very special place-agreed-what’s not to love?! Thanks MFFM, we greatly appreciate the above and beyond approach of all you do in our state from farmers markets-and this special long distance trip was so very appreciated by all of us.  What’s not to love about the Princeton Farmers’ Market? Eager customers were waiting in their cars for the market to open, well in advance. The local Grange supports the market, which welcomes other area nonprofits with open arms. There was live music, a variety of fresh, hot soups prepared by the vendors, plenty of produce, crafts, healthcare products, and more to choose from. There were friendly dogs and hula hoops. Regular customers came in all afternoon (including via ATV) and all lamented the end of the season, and the end of this community gathering place. Such a warm, positive attmosphere at this rural market in Washington County.”

School news for the week is is: BOOK FAIR SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 10. The sports schedules are also posted. I’ll start with Wednesday because the paper doesn’t come out in time for the first of the week. Wed., Sept 24-volleyball:practice 2-2:45, cross country race at Calais 4 pm; Thurs., Sept 25: SPORTS PICTURES ARE AFTER SCHOOL, cross country: practice 2-2:45, Volleyball: practice 2:45-3:30, and soccer: game @ Perry 4pm; Fri. Sept. 26-soccer:practice 2-2:45 and volley ball Home Game vs. Machias 4pm.