Public Safety Committee Consider One Way Direction Change

By Kaileigh Deacon

On Tuesday prior to the City Council Meeting the Public Works Committee met in Council chambers. 

The first item was the possible changing of the direction of the one way portion of Monroe street. The intersection at the end of that street behind Marden’s is unsafe citizens are claiming. The direction of the street was changed some years ago at the request of the owner of Nellie’s Antiques to allow cars from Main Street easier access to her shop. Citizens say that prior to the reversal of the one way direction there were fewer problems and so they would like the direction changed back. The Committee did not make a final decision on whether to reverse it or not but rather allowed time for Chief Randall and Skeet to look at the street together and try and figure out if there was something else to be done. 

The second item on the agenda was the lobby hours at the police station. The item was put on the agenda due to a few calls made to city councilors regarding difficulty getting things done in the office. Prior to the budget cuts the office was open with regular hours on regular days but due to the cuts the Police Department said it must be covered by the Chief and Officers. The committee discussed the viability of having set hours on certain days this would fall to the Chief to cover these hours. 

Dwelley: I know from talking to the Chief and my experience the other day that if someone is there they will come to the door. With the cuts that the police department had to endure we have to be realistic and understand that they can’t do a lot of the stuff that they are used to.

 There are instructions on the door of the Police Station that outline the procedures for what to do if there is no one there to answer the bell. The committee discussed the subject and decided to give Chief Randall a month to go out and talk about the change in procedure regarding the lobby to see if that helps. Anyone wishing to obtain services offered by the lobby when no one is there can call 454-2751 and a dispatcher will notify the officer on duty. 

Randall: They should call anytime they need something 454-2751, and we’ll be there.

The committee has not set another meeting yet.