Public Works Committee Discusses Devil’s Head

By Kaileigh Deacon

Prior to the City Council meeting on Thursday the Public Works and Public Safety Committees held meetings. 

First was the Public Works Committee. They started their agenda by addressing a letter of concern regarding the Devil’s Head Park. There have been issues with keeping the roads maintained, trash throughout Devil’s Head picked up and the Outhouses maintained. The committee does not want to have to give up the city owned property but a plan for maintenance needed to be addressed. The committee decided that the Public Works Department would be able to take on the maintenance of the roads while the other maintenance was not feasible. The committee is looking for a group that would be willing to go out to the Park once a week or so to clean up trash and/or maintain restrooms. 

Parks: The big problem is the maintenance. As far as the open/close and toilet paper, I don’t know, maybe we just keep looking for a group that would adopt it.

The second item on the Public Works agenda were the specs regarding obtaining snow plowing bids for the Red Beach run and what they should entail. The City Council at their last meeting approved Public Works to start soliciting bids to get an idea of what the cost of outsourcing that run would be. The committee decided that the specs should include an increase in the personal injury insurance up to $1 million and a larger upfront payment to help with costs. The Committee was undecided on whether the contracted plower would be responsible for providing their own sand/salt but they did not really wish to increase the number of people in and out of the city’s sand pit. 

It was decided that they would solicit bids for both and decide later whether the city’s sand pit would be used. So far the city has only received one bid but it is still early.