Calais School Committee Accepts Two Resignations

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee met on Tuesday October 7 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School library. After the agenda and the previous meetings minutes were approved they moved on to the Superintendent’s report. 

To start Mr. Moholland read a letter from the Maine Department of Education Office of Special Service. The letter was to commend the Calais School Department for their excellence in record keeping for the 2013-2014 school year.

Moholland: I would just like to commend Barry Raymond and our Special Education Department for their hard work and their continued compliments from the State on facets of Special Education. I’m very appreciative of his and his staffs’ hard work. 

Superintendent Moholland then told the committee about the formation of the Steering Advisory Committee in the wake of the dissolving of the Curriculum Committee, a requirement for the teachers evaluation as well as performance base education. The members so far include; a city council member, a city employee, a school board member, a parent from the Elementary School, a Middle/High School parent, a CTE parent, a teacher from all of the schools, an administrator from all levels, a union representative, and three members from the media. 

Next Superintendent Moholland approached the committee about the installation of railings on the bleachers. He approached the welding instructor at the St. Croix Regional Technical Center about what the cost of the job would be. The project is estimated to run between $3000 and $5000. The Committee decided to do enough to get by for now and they would approach the City for a loan which was discussed in the school liaison committee meeting. By doing the enough to get by this year the project would cost around $1000, which the committee approved.

The elementary school is holding a friendly competition to raise pennies for the Turkey-a-Thon. On the day of the Turkey-a-thon they will take the pennies down to donate them. The competition is for grades 3-6 the winner of which will have an ice cream social and movie day. The high school was the host to the Dom Colizzi for a small concert and assembly on anti-bullying during school. Colizzi stayed and performed a concert for the public later that night with local talent as the opening act.  St. Croix Regional Technical Center has been offered an old ’74 Ford Truck. 

Under new business the committee approved the hiring of Heather James as an Education Technician III at the Calais Elementary School. They also accepted with regret the resignations of Barry Raymond the Special Services director and Patsy Beckett a grade two teacher. They approved the tutition contract with the Crawford school department. After expressed concern by the parents for the safety of their children it was decided that the workshop day before the election was moved to the day of the election so students wouldn’t be in the building. Volunteer class advisors were approved for grades 8-12 and the tag team. 

The next meeting is set for October 21 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library. The November meetings were scheduled for November 5 at 7pm at the Calais Middle/High School Library and the next was for November 18 at 6pm in the Library.