Council Reviews Dangerous Building Bids

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais City Council met Thursday night in Council Chambers. The council approved the consent Agenda and moved onto old business. 

The Economic Committee presented the final draft of the new City of Calais brochures. The committee presented the template with the new pictures that the committee requested from citizens. The council gave their approval for the committee to proceed with getting the brochures completed. 

In the city manager’s report Jim Porter presented the bids received for the demolition of two of the dangerous buildings on 77 Garfield Street and 78 Monroe Street. The way the bid was presented the bidders entered bids for each property and a total for both. The Council asked Porter to reach out to the bidders to see if they would take care of one property instead of both so the city could get the most budget efficient solution. Bids to take care of both properties ranged from just over $10,000 to $19,000.

The city also received bids for the snow plowing contract. There was only one bidder for the contract and the council decided that they would send the matter back to the Public Works Committee for review and to provide a recommendation to the council. 

Under new business the council was presented with the same matters discussed in the Property Committee meeting held prior to the council meeting. The first was the CDRC’s request for approval to pursue grant money for the installation of electrical outlets on the lamp posts downtown for decorative lighting. While the matter required no action both the property committee and the council gave the CDRC their support. 

Howard: I really want to thank the CDRC for what they’re doing. This last year has been an ongoing stride to get events going and that’s the first step. And hopefully it continues on because it should just get better and better.

Next was the request by a group of Milltown citizens and business owners to place a Christmas tree next to the basketball courts. The council had no objection to the installation of the tree and said that the Public Works Department would help with the installation and they could use the city electricity. 

The owner of the Urban Moose reached out to the Property committee for ideas on how to lower heating costs in her building so she could stay open year round. One option was propane heat but a pad was needed to place the propane tanks on but the owner of the property where the tanks would be placed was not inclined to allow it due to liability. The council offered their support to the owner with hopes that she is able to resolve the heating issues. 

The council also approved the Sewer Commitment, and the renewal of the Ambulance contract, and the approval of adding Jim Porter to an Investment account at the First until a new Accounting Director could be found. 

The council set their meeting schedule for the holiday season with the next meeting on October 23 and subsequent meeting on November 6, 20, and December 11.