Altar Servers Appreciation Banquet

Front L to R, Adam Barnard, Laurel McGaw, Avis Hartman, Patrick Corbett and Lorraine Wilson. Back, L to R, Tom MacDonald Program Director, Nicholas Coleman, Nathanial Coleman, Nicki Scott, Riley Sluzenski and Father Rob Lupo. (Submitted photo).

The Knights of Columbus held a big homemade spaghetti and meatball dinner banquet, complete with garlic bread and a huge sheet cake for dessert at their hall in Calais on Sunday night October 19. The meal is held annually to show appreciation to the Altar Servers and their families that serve in the Catholic churches of St. James in Baileyville and The Immaculate Conception in Calais. Nearly 65 people enjoyed the meal and those in attendance were Knights members, Clergy and Altar Servers families.

At the completion of the meal, a short ceremony was held, where on-by-on the Altar Servers were called to the front of the hall and handed a special Altar Servers Award Certificate. As each one came, a round of applause followed them to the front of the hall. Afterwards, Father Rob Lupo personally thanked the servers and family members, who make sure, that at each and every Sunday mass, there are Altar Servers there to make the mass special.