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Monday, Sept. 29, the people who take part in the Equestrian program brought in their ribbons they had won in competitions over the weekend at the Equestrian Special Olympics in Skowhegan. They all did a great job! Then some went to WCCC for basketball practice and the others stayed back and played games and listened to music on the radio.

Tuesday a few went to visit and ride the horses in Perry at the Double T Farm and a few worked on crafts with mason jars.

Wednesday many took a long walk on the path and some opted to take a short walk while others went to the horse program.

Thursday some did board games and crafts and some went to WCCC gym for basketball practice.

Friday some went banking and shopping. The meal consisted of hot dogs, french fries, crystal light and cake. After we eat, a few went out for a coffee break and a lot decided to take a walk to end the day.

Monday, Oct. 6, some did arts and crafts in the morning and then headed to WCCC for basketball practice.  A few did skill drills and played a basketball game.

Tuesday some played Wii bowling and a few played a fun game of Bingo.  Also a couple played cards and Yahtzee.  In the afternoon the crew worked on craft projects with mason jars.

Wednesday in the morning some decided to go ride and brush the horses at the Double T Farm in Perry and some went over to St. Stephen to go bowling.

Thursday in the morning some did Wii Bowling. The afternoon consisted of going to WCCC for basketball practice.

Friday some did shopping and banking and prepared the meal, consisting of hot dog hash, rolls and crystal light. The afternoon a few went out for a coffee break.