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Dave McCullough

Are you hearing the music of “ukeles” coming from the School House on Tuesdays? Now is the time to join in the fun of playing the “ukele” as each Tuesday at 10:30 am at the school house a group of folks from Grand Lake Stream and surrounding towns come and learn how to play. Great fun for all. Each week new songs are played and new cords learned. Just come and listen.  You ‘ll like it!!

The GLS Historical Society will have a bake sale on Election Day.  They will also have a hot dog lunch.  Come vote and join your neighbors for lunch. 10 to 4.  There will also be a raffle of the beautiful Fish Print done by JH Rose in 1886.

The Women to Women Group met Monday and said goodbye to a few more of the summer folks. Patty Weeks did a demonstration of Tea Bag folding.   She plans to do a class next summer.  Stay tuned for when she will be doing it.   There will be a coffee next Monday to celebrate Halloween.  Join the group for coffee...costumes are optional!  Bring a treat if you wish.  9:30 A.M.  

It was great to hear from Laura about her fall plans for the GLS store. I also talked with Paul about his plans and he will be at the store and the hours will be 10 to 6 every day except Wednesday when the store will be closed. This schedule will start on Sunday the 26th. Laura’s family is well. The boys are at school and doing fine and they are looking forward to the ski season!  Laura is also looking forward to her next visit!

Jerry Hamza’s son, Jerry (Jr.), recently won the Robert Travers award for the best outdoor story of the year.  Robert Travers was a famous outdoor writer from Michigan that also penned the Academy Award winning movie, Anatomy of a Murder, which featured Jimmy Stewart as a trout fishing attorney.  Jerry’s story is part of a collection that will be published in book form in the fall of 2015.  The story that won the award is included in the fall edition of Fly Rod and Reel magazine and is in stores now.

News from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

State Deer Biologist Speaks in Grand Lake Stream

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to welcome Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) state deer biologist Kyle Ravana for an in-depth discussion of the herd’s population. “The million dollar questions is ‘How many deer do we have?’ and “How many deer statewide are we shooting for?’” said Ravana cutting right to the chase.

Of course, that question, though simple, is surprisingly complex when considering the diversity of forest management approaches, variations in latitude, altitude  and forest structures across Maine.  “We estimate that there are about 220,000 deer statewide. If we achieve the long term goals set during the last planning  period, Maine would be home to approximately 378,000 white-tailed deer.” said Ravana

Managing for animal health, instead of density means that the populations in the southern and food rich districts are growing, while less productive areas remain stubbornly below state targets. However, even knowing how many animals the landscape is capable of sustaining is a challenge, as looking at amounts of browse available is incredibly labor intensive, and expensive. “We look for indicators of the animal’s health, as undernourished bucks put less energy into antler growth, for instance.  Therefor by assessing the beam diameters of yearling bucks we can get a good idea about where we are in regard to the carrying capacity of the Wildlife Management District, as well as what the trends are.  When beam diameter goes down, we assume there is more pressure for the same food resource, thus the population has gone up,” explained Ravana.

The Grand Lake Stream ATV Club is preparing to apply for a $35,000 Recreational Trails Grant from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry to rehabilitate 50 miles of our 82 mile trail system. The grant would provide the opportunity to install 14-16 culverts, 16-18 water bars, repair the approach to and replace the deck of an existing bridge, install one new bridge, gravel depressions and rough terrain, remove obtrusive boulders, correct drainage problems, widen two parking areas, install three  picnic tables, and enhance the entire trail system for traditional and recreational users.  Once this work is complete, the club will continue its annual maintenance through grant funding from the state. The grant is for a variety of traditional recreational uses, aligns with Maine State Outdoor Recreation Plan, and is ADA accessible for snow machines and ATV’s as well as other specialized handicapped equipment for trails. 

Club officers will act as the advisory board for the grant and will meet monthly prior to our regular club meetings

Timeline-Spring 2015-Spring 2016

Club will match with $3,500 and 350 volunteer hours

Land owner permission and letters of support have been received from the following: Downeast Lakes Land Trust, Lyme Timber, Wagner, Plantation of Grand Lake Stream, GLS Snowmobile Club, GLS Guides, Chamber of Commerce and Mike Reimillard.

Project costs from local area folks for work to be performed have been obtained in writing

Club approved the grant submission on and reaffirmed commitment after grant review on 10/ 16/2014

Clearance letters requested from IFW, NMRP, HPC, and with shape files and maps sent as required. Pre grant visit completed by Mick Rogers, July 2014

Projects must be completed within two years of grant approval 

Club members or others with questions, please call Sue or Al LaPlante at 796-5557       

The you-tube version of the Antique Tractor Plow Days was released on Sunday. Click on the following to see a fun activity.

The spaghetti dinner this past Friday was a great success. This event was sponsored by the West Grand Snowmobile Club.  We served 63 people. It was a fun and noisy evening.  Judy Miller was the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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