Town News

Linda Baniszeski

It is a blustery fall day as I write this on Monday.  We have been quite fortunate to have warm temperatures this far into October.  Leaves are quickly falling from the trees, telling us winter is not too far away.  It’s lovely while the colors last.

Happy Birthday wishes to Alyssa Shaw and Karen Smith on October 27.  Barry and I celebrate our 33rd Wedding Anniversary on the 24th. Congratulations to little Avery Teele Salamon who just got her first tooth.  She also enjoyed her first visit to a pumpkin patch and was all smiles and laughter at the shapes and colors.  

Meddybempsters out and about were Dawn Wichester who participated in the Croptoberfest 2014 Scrapbooking Retreat at Sebasco Harbor Resort.  It sounds like a really fun time.  Little Haidyn Seavy with her grandmother, Lisa Lord and mommy Megan greatly enjoyed the Sesame Street Show in Bangor.  

Wildlife continues to move about.  Mona VanWart saw a great blue heron and an eagle along the Dennys River.  The few lingering ducks have now left the lake.  Always wonder where they go to in the winter, and how they find us again in spring.  It is heartwarming when they return in the spring, and to realize they remember and find their way back to us year after year.  

Pet-life is also surprising us from time to time.  Scuffy and I were on a walk the other day. She decided to take a break and do what she’s supposed to do when outside.  All of a sudden, Terry Reynolds’ cat, Tobey, shot her head up, out of nearby weeds and gave Scuffy and me quite the scare. It appears that Tobey was hiding in the grass, stalking some unsuspecting rodent, when we surprised her as well.  That got our hearts beating a little faster.  

Seasonal residents are again at their properties by the lake this week including Ken and Sue Bogden, Barry and Sue Pearson, Dennis and Karen Gilbert, and Rich and Patti Lentz with Yorkie, Emmy.  Emmy and Scuffy have fun play dates.  The Olsanski home construction is progressing nicely. All the walls are up and roof trusses are in place. It’s ready for the roof; and shaping up to be quite the lake house.

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