Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

Sympathy is extended this week to the family and friends of Lois (Lody) Stimson formerly of Baileyville.  Lody lived and worked in Bangor for many years and in recent years has resided at The Manor. She has been in failing health for several months, but when she was in good health, she loved going to yard sales and playing bingo.

Others in poor health this week are Marjorie Drotar, Elwin Daley, Gloria Lanigan, Marilyn and Mike Trafton. Our best wishes are being sent to all of them. Fergie Calder, former editor of the Calais Advertiser, is having health problems in his new residential spot in West Virginia.  He has had pneumonia and is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for other health problems.  His address is 4232 Duck Creek Road, Lost Creek, West Virginia 26385. He is a bit down and homesick and would like to hear from any of his many friends back here.

Chelsea McGovern, daughter of John and JoanneMc Govern and granddaughter of Carol Clark, is experiencing some health issues. She expects to have surgery on October 29th to repair a heart valve that is leaking. This is a fairly unusual surgery on one so young.  All of her former Dragon friends are wishing her the best.

Several fall craft sales and lunches have been scheduled for the next few weeks.  St. James Sodality will hold its sale on October 25th.  The Alexander /school will be holding its sale on that same day.  On November 1st the Woodland Education Boosters and the Charlotte Community will hold their fairs, bake sales and lunches.  The next Saturday, November 8th, fair goers can find treasures at the People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville.  Residents of this area will have great opportunities to touch base with neighbors, pick up a few great sweets, find a few Christmas presents and have an enjoyable lunch.  Who could ask for anything more?

It was great to hear of the success of Cooper Community supper for the benefit of the volunteer fire department. I think some of us forget the many services these willing workers perform for their communities, and I am not just speaking about fighting fires. It was especially endearing to know that these volunteers helped out by checking on residents and taking them food and water during the bad storm last winter. The Charlotte Community also shows up to support their volunteers on supper nights in the summer.

Main Street in Baileyville has taken on a whole new look this fall.  With the demolishing of the former Martell house, we now have clear nonresidential sailing from Clarence and Shirley Murphy’s duplex to the Administration Building.

It was great to see Marguerite Mains out and about last weekend.  Even though it was a bit chilly, she attended the committal service of her sister-in-law Gladys McLaughlin, go to the New Friendlies for a great meal and make her first visit to the farm on Sunday. Marguerite was also visited by daughter-in-law Judy Mains from New Hampshire over the weekend.

The vandals did some beheading of the scarecrows on Main Street in Calais last week. It is hard to fight those impulses to tear down what others have spent time building. The straw scarecrows are cute but the one in front of the bank on Main Street is positively realistic and scary.

Thanks to everyone who is asking about the farm, Lulu and the current state of affairs at 423 Ridge Road.