Town News

Cassie Oakes

Let start this week’s column recognizing our local kids. I just got word that AES Pre-K student, Noah Podschlne just started taking Karate classes, along with his brother, Isaac; at the Woodland Recreational Department I reported last week that Isaac is an orange belt. Noah is a white belt and loving it!

It was also brought to my attention this week that Anna Jean McClure has been playing soccer this fall for Calais High school, Anna is the daughter of David and Dawn McClure of Alexander. 

Josie Wallace the daughter of B.J. and Joey Wallace here in Alexander recently donated her time with the Woodland High School’s JMG.  She worked at the Woodland Halloween Party at WES on Halloween, bringing fun and smiles to lots of little ones.

Do you know someone doing something fun, or making a difference let me know, my contact information is at the end of this column.

Mickey and Mike White of Alexander have returned home after a wonderful trip to Orlando, Florida where the weather was prefect.  Mike and Mickey were able to visit with their daughter Nicole, son-in-law Fabio and grandchildren Marcus and Lauren Napoleoni.   Nicole and family’s new home is beautiful and very inviting.  Both Marcus and Lauren are enjoying their new schools.  Marcus is doing crew training, which is a rowing team.  Marcus’s team is called O.A.R.S. for Orlando Area Rowing Society. Lauren is a Crossing Patrol Guard and loves doing this.  They all are loving living in Florida, doing well and sent word back to tell all their friends, “Hi!, from Sunny Florida.  

AES Friday Announcements this week included the following information.  School pictures will be shipped to the school this week. 

Thanks to all for making the Annual Craft Fair a huge success.   The 7th and 8th grades are still selling Organic Garlic at $3.00 per bag. 

The 8th grade is selling RADA until November 21st. 

AES has been updating their school website at: If you get a chance check it out.

Remember AES Friday Announcements can be seen on Randy’s Variety Facebook page.

Just a couple of reminders if you are wondering what to do with your returnable bottles and cans, and would like to donate them to a worthy cause you can drop them off at Randy’s Variety where for the last several years the Alexander Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders have been collecting them to help defray the costs of the Department.  

Don’t forget about the Zumba classes at Alexander Elementary School on Tuesdays and Thursday and are done under the instruction or Rosa Subialdea.  Classes start at 6:00 p.m.   Not sure what Zumba is like, the first class is Free!

I had a very busy week with my Beckett Center friends when I attended two Halloween parties; I dressed up for both of them as a hip devil.  The first one I went to was in Machias at the Sunrise Workshop.  I had a blast reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  The food was delicious and we got to Boogie Down.  The second party I attended was in Eastport at the Boarding Home.  We danced, had donut eating contests and bowled.  I can’t wait for the next party!I was also able to do one of my favorite activities, which is to hand out the goodies at Randy’s Variety to all the Trick or Treaters.  This year we had 49 Ghosts, Goblins, Monsters and Princesses.  This number was up from the last couple of years so that was great.  There were several of our regulars who didn’t make it and I missed them.  I guess my dream Halloween would be to have 100 kids, maybe next year!  This weekend brought a messy mix to our area.  My wheelchair doesn’t really like rain and I have to protect my controller so that it doesn’t get wet and short out.  It doesn’t like snow or ice much either as I can get stuck easily.  I don’t like sleet and hail as it hurts my face and the wind takes my breath and makes it hard to breath.  So this weekend was a great one for me to stay at home warm and safe with my TV, Stereo and WWE Videos, of course I wasn’t that happy when we lost the internet, but that is life.

Turkey season closed with McLeod’s in Crawford tagging 5 turkeys and deer season started with them tagging 1 and they are up to 9 Bear.  Randy’s ended Turkey season with 7 tagged and began deer season with 3 tagged and are up to 14 bear. Lucky Loser at Randy’s Variety this week was Jason Manza.

If you have news for the column you can get them to me by email at, contact me on my Facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (if I’m not home please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me and Dad will make sure I get them.  You can also leave news for me at AES. Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694. Until next time, stay safe.