CDRC Lighting Up Downtown Thanks to Generous Donation

By Jayna Smith

Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition (CDRC) has worked hard since the group formed in 2012.  From the beautiful flowers that hung on the lampposts to the creative scarecrows that lined the sidewalks, CDRC has provided some much needed beautification to downtown Calais. 

Now, thanks to a generous donation, lampposts from Washington Street and all of Main Street to Union Street have had outlets installed.  CDRC’s Diane Hunnewell said that 105 lampposts have the capability to have strings of lights placed on them.  “The lights will be changed for certain holidays,” Hunnewell said, for instance red and green for Christmas; green for St. Patrick’s Day; red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, and so forth. 

These new outlets will also be convenient for vendors during the St. Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Street Fair, held annually during International Homecoming Festival.  Until now, those vendors requiring electricity could only be in certain spaces and borrowed electricity with cords run from businesses. 

CDRC has received much praise for the work they do.  The projects they carry out are done strictly with funds raised by the organization or donated to it; no tax dollars are used.  The donor for the outlet project approached CDRC with positive feedback for the work that has been done and wanted to help.  At press time, the donor could not be reached to obtain permission to publicly identify him or her.