Council Swears in Mayor and 2 New Councilors

By Kaileigh Deacon 

The Calais City Council met for the first time after the elections on Thursday at 6pm in Council chambers. The first order of business was swearing in the re-elected Mayor Marianne Moore and the two new councilors Scott Geel, and Eddie Moreside. 

After the Mayor and Councilors were sworn in the new council approved the consent agenda before moving on to old business. 

Acting city Manager Jim Porter provided the City Manager’s report. 

Under New Business Porter presented the RFP the council requested for efficiency study. After a review of the drawn up proposal and a few changes the council authorized Porter to publish the RFP in the Weekend edition of the Bangor Daily News.

The council also discussed the Department of Transportation sign at the Triangle park. When the representatives from the state were here to discuss the old Visitor Information building. The council brought up the sign in the park and what could be done about it. The city would like it removed but need authorization from the State. 

As a last minute addition to the agenda Billy Delmonaco addressed the council about a law suit he was involved in. Dicenzo’s had requested a burn permit for wood in front of a boxcar according to the fire chief. The incident took place on July 14 when a Ranger noticed a large cloud of black smoke and requested that the fire be put out and three fire departments including Calais responded to the incident. The state later requested that Chief Posick provide a report that detail the costs associated with putting out the fire which totaled $3300. The State of Maine took the case to court and Billy Delmonaco said that he wouldn’t pay the fine because it was a simple misunderstanding. The group worked together and came up with a figure of $1500 that would be the new fine amount. 

Delmonaco: It was a mistake, I’m not saying I’m right or wrong. Well I’m going to say I was wrong I guess, but it was an honest mistake. I told the DA that I was not going to settle for that, that I would go to jail for that. [ . . .] It’s just the idea more than anything, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. It takes all the pride, all the umph, out of a person when you’re trying to do something for the city when they need it. I don’t want nothing out of it, I’ll just pay the [darn] fine but when it comes to the fire hall over here and things like that I’ll have to get my $1500 back. 

Mingo: It is the citizens of Calais’ money and to me sitting in this seat they have the final say in this. But then again most of those citizens have been fortunate enough to take advantage of the many things that family has done for the city, and I think I can over look the $1500 and this one mistake by the Dicenzo company.

After some discussion among the councilors and some public input the council decided that it would waive the fine and find a way to finance the replacement of the lost equipment. 

The council then adjourned into executive session before ending for the night. The next meeting of the Calais City Council will be held on Thursday November 20 at 6pm in council chambers.