LNG Community Input Meeting

By Michael R. Brown 

Scope is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) term for community input regarding proposals. At the October 22 meeting in Robbinston, Robert Godfrey saw the meeting notification cards on the welcome table. He complained to FERC that the cards had not been sent to notify residents. FERC has since extended the current scoping period until December. Those wishing to add comments should reference the www.ferc.gov and select the eFiling link. Reference Docket Number PF14-`9-000 Downeast LNG Import-Export Project.

Meanwhile, a geologist from Haley & Aldrich, which has offices throughout the United States, and a drilling crew from New England Boring Company of Hermon, Maine, have been studying geological formations south of Mill Cove. The geologist’s report will become part of the Environmental Impact Statement to accompany Downeast’s terminal proposal.

Rob Wyatt who is in charge of Environment and Permitting for Downeast has also asserted that available fresh water at the proposed site is inadequate. The popular free-running water at the former church on Route 1 just north of Mill Cove only runs at a rate of six gallons per minute, which is clearly inadequate for the operation of the proposed facility. Wyatt concluded that water may have to be carried in by truck.