Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

The weekend storm surprised many residents. School students enjoyed a delay in starting Monday morning and drivers had to spend time shoveling the snow and ice from their cars. A few drivers were unhappy to discover a layer of ice under the snow and a few of them had time to think it over while their vehicles were pulled from the nearby ditches.

The Charlotte Christmas Fair and the Woodland Education Boosters Craft Fair were well attended on Saturday although some organizers thought a few buyers stayed home because of the uncertain weather.  Both fairs were considered successes and raised a good amount of funds for their causes.

Former Dragon, Carolyn Gildart, attended the Woodland Fair as a crafter this year.  She now has her own business and lives in the Jonesport-Beal’s area. 

Sympathy this week is extended to the family of Dora (Redding) Cushing of Pembroke who passed in Bangor hospital last Wednesday.  Mrs. Cushing had lived her life in Pembroke bringing up her six children with her beloved husband, Donald.  She had an extensive family as well as many friends.  She will be missed by all.

With Veterans’ Day coming next week, all of us who enjoy the freedoms afforded to us by the time and effort of these brave men and women should take time to thank them for their sacrifices on our behalf.  We really do not appreciate what we have until we look at other countries and what they do not have. Sometimes it is easier to complain about taxes and obnoxious politicians than to praise what we do enjoy about our Nation and what we do enjoy we owe to the veterans.

Diane (Huntley) Carter, formerly of Woodland, has returned to her home in the state of Washington after a Down East visit to check on her mother, Nina Huntley, now living at Marshall Health Care in Machias.  Nina is 96 and the widow of Shep Huntley.  They were very active in the local Granges and are likely remembered by many Grangers. (Nina and Aunt Florence traveled to grange meetings through all seasons and through all weathers and played cards until all hours.  A State Trooper even stopped late one night at the Alexander Grange to see what was going on at that late hour.)

During her visit, Diane attended Octoberfest in Baileyville. She also enjoyed the “scarecrows” in Calais. While here, Diane stayed with her cousin, Evarose Fairbrother of Calais.  Diane’s hobby is genealogy and she has been doing research for her cousin and her aunt Barbara Landry of Baileyville. They took a ride down Route 1, stopped at the 45th Parallel marker for photos, went to Campobello where they visited the Roosevelt Cottage, had lunch with several cousins and explored the cemeteries on the island. They were shown the resting places of Evarose’s great and great-great grandparents.  They also shared other lunches and a trip to Topsfield to visit Rita Severance.

During her last five visits home to visit her mother, Diane has been photographing headstones in local cemeteries.  She is a volunteer for Find a Grave and creates on-line memorials to remember and honor people who have passed.  She has created over 5000 memorials and posted over 3000 headstone photographs. She has taken pictures in cemeteries in Topsfield, Codyville, Waite/Talmadge,, Princeton, Alexander, Calais, Cooper, Crawford, Wesley, Cherryfield, Beddington, Deblois, Steuben and Woodland.  She and John Dudley of Alexander have shared much information on the local cemeteries. She also has been helped by Jamie McLaughlin, Director of Baileyville Public Works Department.

Diane likes to research families and develop link between the memorials of different members of the same family. Much of Diane’s work has been focused on Woodland cemetery, where many are buried with no permanent markers. For these people, the only evidence is old Woodland death records, obituaries, and memories.  Both her cousin Evarose and her aunt Barbara helped Diane in the Woodland and Cooper cemeteries.

Find a Grave volunteers have created over 121 million memorials worldwide.  Diane and other volunteers may be contacted through Find a Grave on line.

The Robbinston grade school playground equipment will be arriving during the week of November 10th. School staff is asking for volunteers to help put the pieces together.

Remember the People’s United Methodist Church annual fall sale is on Saturday, November 8. There will be crafts, lunches food and “treasures” for sale.