Woodland High School

Heather Baker

A frightening week has passed at Woodland, as Halloween was this week. Kids did a great job dressing up for school. The JMG students dressed up, and helped the Student Council in running the Elementary School Halloween Party, which was a great success this year. Once again the students as WHS showed just how much they care about the younger members of the community. 

The Fandom Club has hit the ground running, and it’s only getting better! The number of members goes up every week, and the students are getting pumped planning for this year’s events. Mostly though, everyone enjoys being able to spend time with like-minded individuals, and since this group accommodates such a large number of students as WHS, there’s a lot of minds to connect with. 

The Band, Chorus, and Student Council are also preparing for what they hope to be the best Veterans’ Day Assembly yet at Woodland. They are studying their parts hard, and have completely re-worked the program this year, to change things up. But don’t worry, they are keeping the traditional workings as well, involving our veterans in the assembly. 

With the new grading system in place, everyone is anxious to see how they do come this first report card. It promises to be as painful a change as possible, with teachers working to help students and parents understand what their new report card means (as it’s more proficiency based), as opposed to what it used to mean. Grades close Tuesday, so students should be getting them in the mail some time soon after.