Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

Wyatt MacArthur’s name was inadvertently left off the Honor Roll at Princeton Elementary School. Congratulations to Wyatt for making the Honor Roll for the first quarter!

 Twenty veterans and guests attended the Veterans’ Day Assembly held at Princeton Elementary School on Monday, November 10th. This has become an annual tradition with pictures of local veterans posted on the wall entering the gym and a slide show presentation featuring pictures and a short biography of the veterans. America’s White Table was set off to the side in remembrance of service members held prisoner of war or missing in action during the Vietnam War.

 The veterans and their guests were welcomed by Megan Hatt and Samantha Phelps. Grade One presented the Pledge of Allegiance and “signed” along with it. Jody Deacon introduced each of the veterans. The PES Chorus performed the anthems from each branch of the armed services and ‘America’, which featured solos by Kadance Ward, Mykalah Howard and Kyrsten Stegman. The PES band performed the ‘American Spirit March’. Grade 3 recited ‘In Flanders Fields’, and Grade 6 students read several poems. Carrie Cilley read the list of names of veterans who have passed away during the past year, and Keagan Wormell of Baileyville played ‘Taps’. The veterans and their guests were then invited to coffee and donuts provided by the Student Council. The veterans also received booklets made by Grade 4, poppies made by Grade 1, and stars made by the PreK. This is a wonderful chance for the students at Princeton Elementary  to learn about Veterans’ Day and see all the people in this area who have given of themselves by serving in the armed forces. 

Princeton Elementary School calendar has four items this week: On Wednesday the 19th there is After-school Reading; Thursday, the 20th there is After-school Math; and, on Friday, the 21st, a Quarterly Reward is planned for the afternoon-GOING BOWLING.

 The Princeton Library has had some books donated in the last two weeks. Some are on the FREE SHELF and the others are waiting for patrons to sign out. The remainder of DVDs which were donated last year have been processed and are ready for patrons, also.

Soon the DVDs will be organized to separate the R-Adult from the GEN, PG, and PG-13. The DVDs have easy-to-read labels on their spines  which show the catagories for viewing. Please keep in mind the judgment of appropriate level  was made by the industry watchdogs and advisors- not locally.