Woodland High School

Heather Baker

Another fabulous week for Woodland Jr./Sr. High School has occurred, where the math team attended their first meet, students followed the elections, and the student council has been getting their crafting on! We also held the honored Veterans’ Day Assembly here at Woodland. 

The elections this year were actually followed by many of the seniors and discussed during classes. A mock election took place in one government class, and the votes mirrored the results of the actual election. 

Student Council members pulled off a great Veterans’ Day Assembly. Jason Seavey gave a heartwarming speech, and Lauren Cook played Taps. Many Veterans were in attendance, and every member of the school was given a hand-made poppy pin to wear in honor of our nation’s heroes. 

Grades for the first quarter have also come to a close. This is the first time the State Standards Common Core have been integrated into student’s grades, so it was a bumpy ride. Students and teachers worked well together though, so that everyone understood the changes in how their grades came to be. 

Tri-M inductions are going to be held this week, and they have one new member joining. We would like to congratulate Julia Andrews on becoming a member of this great society. 

The math team has also had their first meet, and they were very excited about what their scores might be, although they have yet to receive them.