Town News

Sharon Frost


December 21st - New Moon

After the 21st the sun will be low in the sky and there are fewer daylight hours on this day than on any other.

The VFW met at Karen’s Diner on Thursday evening for their annual Christmas party. A lovely supper was served. Chocolate, coconut pie and carrot cake was for dessert. An exchange of gifts followed the meal.

Eldon Libby is back home, looking good.

The Mount View Chamber Singers from Mount View High School presented Carols in the Round at St. Anne’s on Friday evening. They were served spaghetti, salad and all the fixings for supper and following the concert, sweet items were available. A magnificent concert. St. Anne’s will celebrate the childrens’ concert on Christmas eve at 6 pm followed by a potluck supper, 9:30 pm carols and 10 pm Festival Eucharist.

Mays Funeral Home yearly Remembrance Service was held on Tuesday evening with a great turn out.  Dr. Newman, Gloia Phillips, Sherry Sivret, Geoff Maker and Pastor Bob Hinton all participated. Anthony Giard spoke a wonderful life celebrant and Brian greeted everyone. A very enjoyable program.

The Second Baptist Church will gather once again or the yearly cantata. It is always so special and relaxing. December 24th at 6 pm.

The Hospital Auxiliary once again prepared for their Christmas Bazaar on Friday in spite of the storm we did well. Lots of baked goods, fudge, raffles and 50/50 draw. Winners were Suzette Scott, Arline Flood, Rick Emmett, Jean Johnson, Michoalyrox Cecire and David Beckett.  Gladys Greenlaw won the 50/50.

Our thanks to all who participated. The food was a sell out, and the Methodist Church for all your lovely donations of goods.

Birthday wishes: Julie Hardy, Maybelle Clark, Jeff Doten, Beth Sperdakos, Heidi Williams, Skip Carter, Carole Smith, Wands Cox, Karen Sabattus, Kathy Arbo, Paul Waycott, Pastor Chris Stevens, Alicia Earle, Matthew Beckett, Joan Perry, Josiah Burden, Judy Tompkins and Beth DiCenzo.

Hanukkah and Christmas are two very important religious holidays celebrated in December. The holiday season is the time to share special gifts with friends and relatives. Give someone a special holiday wish and let them know you are thinking of them.

Last Monday a beautiful day it was. I went to St. Andrews to honor my uncle Carman Eldridge on his 92nd birthday. He was born in a family of 13. Two of his sisters and 2 brothers, a nephew and wife and I attended. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a tasty cake and ice cream. Carman received many cards, gifts and phone call.


Merry Christmas, peace and love!