Calais High School

Dominic Gayton

Welcome back to the Busy Halls of CHS. This week included a long-awaited announcement and a lot of fundraising news. Let’s jump in.  

First, a faculty council has made their selections as to who will be accepted into membership in the Calais High School Chapter of National Honor Society. As promised last week, their names are as follows: Isaac Johnson, Keegan Newman, Caitlin Reynolds, and Madyson Waycott. Congratulations to all inductees. The Induction Ceremony will be held on January 13, 2015 in the Calais High School Cafeteria.  

If you are a regular reader of this column, you are familiar with the Student Council and National Honor Society’s annual Rock-a-thon to benefit the Children’s Project in Calais during the holiday season. You are most likely also familiar with the fact that this year’s Rock-a-thon raised over $1000 to purchase presents for the children living at the Children’s Project. This week, the Calais High School Student Council, National Honor Society, and Class Officers will be purchasing the presents for the children, which will be wrapped and hand-delivered to the Children’s project as the kick off to the two groups’ annual Christmas Party on Monday, December 22. That day, the participating students will also be decorating the Children’s Project.  

Fundraising for various causes never ceases at Calais High School. In addition to the wonderful work done by the Student Council and National Honor Society at the Rock-a-thon, a few classes are doing some fundraising of their own. Juniors are taking their place as the annual providers of snacks and drinks at Calais High School basketball games, seniors are selling Calais Blue Devil lanyards for $5 a piece, and juniors are selling raffle tickets for a holiday-themed gift basket ($1 for 1 ticket, $4 for 5 tickets). To support any of these three classes, visit their respective booths in the lobby at home basketball games, or see class presidents Keegan Newman (seniors), Madyson Waycott (juniors), and Jack Lander (sophomores) for more details.  

One last note. At Calais High School, it is important that every student is honored for their accomplishments. In 2005, to work toward this goal, the Student Council established the Hall of Fame, transforming the hall between the library and the cafeteria into a place where students who are members of CHS activities and sports are recognized. This week, much of the Hall of Fame has been updated to include the names of Calais High School students participating in activities this year. If you are at the high school for whatever reason, be sure to take a look.  


Until next week, thanks for reading.