Town News

Arline Flood


We’ve battled water in the basement like a lot of folks almost all of last week. Hopefully the sun will shine today. We’ve also been battling a coon on the bird feeder every night. Last night it was wired and he had to give up. I also sprinkled pepper around hoping that would fix him for a while. The coon is used to us now and will not give up when we rap on the window.

The cat next door came for a visit the other day and when Bozo” saw him he ran to tackle him and jumped on his back and did a complete summersault over his back. Talk about a funny sight. I went out and broke it up. We’ve had a bird which might be a pheasant up near the woods several times lately but a little larger. It looks to have a speckled body. It was busy pecking along the grass both times, but when I walked toward it, the bird went into the woods.

I have the fall newsletter and I plan on putting a little information in the Calais Advertiser each week and  will start with the many thanks list. Bell’s IGA for their copier all summer for the newsletters and announcements. Mary McFadden and Mary Dunn and Peter Shortwell for a new printing and laminating of our highly expressive signs for rentals asking renters to leave Cathance Lake as clean as they found it. The crew that maintained the boat launch: Kathy Hull, Chris McLure, Jim  Hassen and Karen Holmes during CBI times. Kathy and Karen helped repair the end of the launch. Jim provided a garbage can and emptied it every wee when he mowed the grass at the landing. Chris shingled and fixed the leaks in the kiosk. Another subject, the Cathance Lake hats may be ordered from Debbie Hibbard. Her cell is 1-503-903-7695. How about a hat or several hats for Christmas gifts?

Cathance Grange met on Wednesday night and in spite of the unruly rainstorms, held a nice program on Christmas, jokes and stories. Louise Lee won the CWA prizes. The mystery prizes went to Ralph Flood and Arline Flood. The gift exchange was held under the tree downstairs and was fun. A nice lunch was on enjoyed by all and them home, still raining, to watch Survivor. 

The next meeting will be in the spring when hopefully more members can attend.

There was a fun scrapbooking Christmas party held at the Meddybemps Community Center on Saturday with a delicious pot luck, gifts for attending and several door prizes won by Louise Lee, Arline Flood and Marcia Wheelock. A lot of pages were completed and Sandy organized a few hundred pictures.

There was a wonderful birthday party held at Lund’s Corner for Mary Campbell on Saturday with lots of good food and visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Pastor Joe was back in the pulpit at the Meddybemps Christian Church on Sunday, glad to return. Sandy Lyon and Louise Lee did he Advent service and the hymns and sermon was about Christ’s birthday and its meaning. Next week the Pastor’s wife plans to attend. She is a lovely singer and will be welcomed by us who don’t sing so well. Her name is Beverly, by the way. There will be coffee and refreshments following the service. Maxine Palmeter set up her lovely nativity set and brought a small tree for the coffee time next week and Sandy Lyon decorated the window sills with candles and flowers.

By the time this paper hits the stands, our son Eric will be home from Arizona for Christmas vacation. Last year it was the ice storm when he arrived and the power was still out and we were using a generator for heat and lights. Believe me, we hope to be more prepared if it happens again.

Much sympathy to the family of Cecil Moreside. I didn’t know about it when I bought tickets from Irene at the hospital as we don’t always get the paper but Irene, bless her, was still doing well. By the way,  won a lovely snowman cookie jar which is on my table as I write this.


Get well wishes to so many as the hospitals are full in the area. To Joanne Wheelock who recently had surgery and hi now home, to Vince Dineen who was planning to come home from the Calais Hospital yesterday.