Landmark Ornaments Recall Pembroke’s Rich Heritage

Each year for eight holiday seasons, Joan Dodge has hand painted a scene or landmark from Pembroke’s past onto glass globe ornaments, using an historic photograph or post card from the collection of the Pembroke Historical Society as inspiration. This year’s ornament shows a steam locomotive and railroad passenger cars crossing the trestle bridge over the Pennamaquon River. (An article on the history of the railroad in Pembroke, written by Sue Rowley, appears in the current issue of the journal of the PHS, The Pemmaquon Call.) The ornaments are available for $15, plus $3 shipping ($18 total), by mail order at P.H.S., P.O. Box 135, Pembroke, ME 04666 or at the circulation desk of the Pembroke Library on  Old County Road.                                                                                                                                           


The holidays are filled with memories. It is the mission of the Pembroke Historical Society to document and preserve the events and people of Pembroke’s past that make memories. A beautiful way to keep memories alive is to display these ornaments and recall life in our town long ago.