Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

The Sunshine  Circle ladies of the Princeton Congregational Church assemble bags of goodies, some homemade and some purchased , for those who are shut in for the Christmas season. Not all the ladies were present this year, but those pictured, from left to right are: Arlene Borm, Penny Brailey, Lana Bailey, Joyce Brown,Bea Bailey, Wanda McClure, and Bonnie Milligan.

For the next four Sundays, Dr. E. Paul Emery will be preaching at the Princeton Baptist Church .Sunday School starts at 9am Morning worship begins with a musical prelude at 10am and the service starting at 10:15am. Interim Pastor, John Lane and his wife, Beulah, are celebrating the Christmas season with their family.

 On Sunday afternoon, December 7th, the Sunrise Christian church sent members to lead a Christmas service at the nursing home in Eastport where Helen Ward resides. Brianna Jack with Rachel and Ben Netzer each performed solos. On Sunday, the 14th at the Big Lake service, Jordan Netzer quoted the whole book of Ephesians from memory-a big blessing to those listening. Plans for the season include caroling on Sunday evening, Dec.21 and a Christmas Eve service beginning at 6pm. Everyone is welcome.


 Princeton Elementary School Christmas program is set for this Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 6pm. Christmas vacation begins at school’s dismissal at 10:55 on Tuesday, Dec. 23rd. Lunch will be served before students are dismissed. Classes resume on Monday, January 5th.