Town News

Cassie Oakes

I noticed in last week’s Advertiser some of our “Alexander” Calais High School students made the Honor Roll, Congratulations to Seniors Carly Davis, Keegan Newman, Tyler Niles, Junior Ann Jean McClure and Freshman Prue Maxwell.

I also have heard that AES is being well represented on the local high school basketball teams also.  Tyler Niles, Tianna Bacon and Prue Maxwell are playing for the Calais Blue Devils and playing for the Woodland Dragons are Willow Newman, Anna Johnson and Nicole Hanson.  Do you know someone doing something at school or in the community or receiving an award or being accepted into college send me a note and I’ll give them a shout out in my column.  My contact info is at the end of this column.

Due to a snowstorm on Friday, school at AES was canceled, so no Friday announcements.  But remember they are selling Money/Gift Calendars for the month of February. If you win that doesn’t mean you are out of the playing, they will put your name right back in and you’ll have more chances.  AES continues collecting Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education along with empty in cartridges and old cell phones.  I understand that the 8th Grades just completed some very cool Book Trailers, much like a Movie Trailer for their favorite books and they came out awesome, some even had a surprise get your attention ending.  

It is also Girl Scout Cookie time, I have only heard of one local girl selling, Gracie Howard, but if you want some I am sure she would love your order.

The kids at the AES Library this week shared what they did over vacation, talked about New Year’s Resolutions and thought “Snowman”.  Bulletin Boards are beginning to be filled up with all kinds of new items after being emptied over Christmas Break.

I am again collecting birthdays and anniversaries to publish in this column If you have any you would like to include please send them to me and I will add them to my list.  Birthday wishes this upcoming week go out to Austin Porter, Bonnie Cejas, Charlotte Southard, Hillary Provencher and my birthday buddies Payton Fossett and Gerry Demmons.

And a Happy Anniversary goes on to Ron and Diane McAlpine on January 20th.

Good thoughts this week are being sent out to several folks, Dennis Perkins, Rhoda Leavitt, George and Lynn Hill, Leo and Madeline Perkins, Stanley Clark and Michelle Gallant.

I had a pretty busy week.  This was the week that my group planned, shopped for and made Healthy Snack and Friday’s meal.  Unfortunately for me the weather kept me home on Friday so I didn’t get a chance to help out, eat or get to go on my Out in the Community Coffee Break.  But on the up side I got to spend Carlos Jr’s last day with us at home hanging out and having fun.  But On Saturday, January 10th, I put on my traveling shoes with my mom, Elizabeth McVicar, Carlos Jr. when we went to Auburn to take Carlos to meet his mom to take him back home to Waterboro were they recently moved.  On the way home, mom, Elizabeth and I stopped for lunch at Dysart’s Truck Stop and it was a scrumptious feast.

Lucky Loser at Randy’s was Frank Green.

If you have news for the column you can get them to me by email at, contact me on my Facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (if I’m not home please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me and Dad will make sure I get them.  You can also leave news for me at AES. Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694. Until next time, stay safe.