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Dave McCullough

Have you taken the opportunity to read the January issue of the Down East Magazine?  The article titled, “The Belfast Operation” is a fascinating read and as the story unfolds it tells of Grand Lake Stream’s Harry Bailey and his undercover work in the Maine drug bust of 1984. The magazine presented information of Harry’s role and said “State Police Sergeant Harry Bailey grew a mustache and sideburns for undercover work with the Federal-State Anti-drug Smuggling Task Force.”  Please take the time to locate the January issue of the “Down East” magazine and read this fascinating story. Many thanks to Sandra Bailey for bringing this article to my attention!

There was a water pipe break in the school house this past week. Initial reports say that there is lots of damage and the floor and ceiling in the basement is damaged. More details will unfold.

For those who are familiar with the homes on Tough End the red home on the right has been sold and the new owners are excited to make changes.  Will keep you posted.

The Grand Lake Snowmobile Club has been open two Saturdays with good food and great company. The Club will continue to be open during the snowmobile season on Saturdays.

The Women to Women are completing the final details on the Grand Lake Stream Directory. If you have not provided your info yet please call Sue at 796-0888.

The cross country skiing event went well. Tanya had made banana bread and provided coffee, tea and hot cocoa at the end of the trip.

Sue Whitely mentioned that she had delicious corn chowder at the Pine Tree Store and that a new food bar is being constructed by Eric Bailey. Between the food and the new construction things are in motion at the Pine Tree Store. Be sure and stop by and meet Les and Brinda.

On February 28, 2014 we purchased a 2014 F-150 pick-up and reduced our car/truck ownership to one vehicle. As of yesterday we had traveled 21,800 miles. We had some concerns about only having gas mileage in the high teens.  With fuel prices dropping a dollar or more per gallon it was good to buy fuel at $2.17 per gallon this past Sunday. Of course as a teen ager working at “Cole’s” garage in Calais in the mid-fifties folks would drive in and say, “give me 5 gallons for a dollar”. OHO the good old days??

The Farm Cove Hermit is thinking about ice this week. “ Growing up I spent all of my free winter time on ice, not fishing or playing hockey. The first time I saw an ice fisherman was the winter of 1958 on a large pond in central Mass. My job as a Wildlife Technician was to tally fish catches of area anglers. My first iceman was a big red faced Swede sitting on a box attached to a child’s sled. He held a small wooden  handle with a fish line attached. He explained the art of jigging to me. Scattered about on the ice were a dozen yellow perch and pickerel.

Twenty years later there was an ice fishing outing with Dave Irving and our two young sons. Standing on the ice in Dyer Cove (West Grand Lake) that February Day I could have no idea of the impact the trip would have on my future. I had traveled Washington County but never visited Grand Lake Stream or Big Lake.

Later I was fortunate to buy an old camp in Farm Cove. For 30 years my attachment for the area and inhabitants has enriched the quality of my life. Come  February, three of my grandsons will be boring holes on Farm Cove Ice.

The latest report from the coyote contest:  Thanks to generous contributions from local businesses and associations our total purse is now up to almost $1300.  Our annual gun raffle is coming right up and tickets will be on sale starting next week.  Thanks to every one for their help and support.  The total harvest is 22. The largest male weighed 43.2 pounds and the largest female 33.46 pounds. Thanks Arron Smith for the update. Thanks for this update Arron.

Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough or 207-839-4205