Millennium Marine USA Fulfilled Pledge to The Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association in Lubec, Maine

(Photo courtesy of Millennium Marine USA).

Mr. Cory Guimond, president of Millennium Marine USA, has fulfilled a pledge he made in July 2014 to donate to the building fund of the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association (LFMA) in Lubec $3,000 for every kit boat that was sold in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada and Washington County, Maine, USA. He would also donate $3,000 for every completed fishing boat sold in Charlotte County and Washington County. Even after experiencing a major setback due to a fire at the boat yard, Mr. Guimond has contributed $6,000 in December 2014 to help the LFMA raise the necessary funds to build a Memorial Park which will honor Lost Fishermen from both Charlotte County, New Brunswick and Washington County, Maine.

The park will be a place where family members and friends can visit to honor those lost at sea. The Memorial Park will feature sculpture in the form of a Wave by Jesse Salisbury renowned local granite sculptor. The names of the lost fishermen from both sides of the border will be inscribed on the Wave.

“We are honored to have such local support from a business that works directly with fishermen” says Shelly Tinker the President of the LFMA.  

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