Police Warn of Fines for Windshields Not Clear of Ice and Snow

By Jayna Smith

Many motorists cannot bare the cold temperatures long enough to brush off all the snow and ice from their vehicles before hitting the road.  These drivers pose a threat with the increased likelihood of an accident due to an obstruction of view.

Police may also cite motorists with ice and snow on their windshields, and that citation carries a fine of up to $135, Baileyville Police Chief Bob said.  Chief Fitzsimmons advises motorists take the necessary time to clear off the windows of their car.

Some states require motorists to also ensure the roof of the vehicle is cleared.  In Maine, that is not the case.  Despite no specific laws related to snow on roofs of motor vehicles, it does pose a threat to other motorists.  "A major road hazard is created when the snow blows off into the car traveling behind," Chief Fitzsimmons stated.

"It is not just a traffic infraction to operate your motor vehicle with your windows, lights, and license place obstructed, it is dangerous as well," he said.  "Please just take a moment to clear your vehicle off.  It is just common sense to clear the roof of your vehicle off.  I have picked the glass off a person whose windshield was shattered by ice coming off another vehicle.  It could have turned out much worse."

Maine roads are often icy this time of year.  Forgo the added challenge of not having a clear view by making sure your car windows are clear before hitting the road.