School Committee First Meeting of 2015

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee met for the first time in 2015 on Tuesday night in the Calais Middle/High School library. 

Once the meeting was called to order the first item on the agenda was the Superintendent’s Update. Mr. Moholland reported that the students who were to make a presentation on their trip to Washington D.C. for the Wreaths Across America Trip were postponing until the next meeting.  The presentation was postponed so that the students and teachers involved could attend the Purple Zone basketball game being held at Washington Academy to raise money for Calais High School Student Tristyn Croman.

The Calais Middle/High School raised $1500 for Trystin’s Tree in addition to several cards, gifts, gift cards, and well wishes that were sent to Trystin and his family this Christmas. 

Calais Elementary School Principal Sue Carter had nothing but praise for her staff, the bus drivers, and community as a whole. After a student at the elementary school suffered a loss and everyone came together to help. Two staff members, whose days were supposed to end at 2:30 left work and went to the students house to be of whatever help they could while a couple of the bus drivers went to the house to make sure the yard was free of snow. 

The St. Croix Regional Technical Center reported that the students who will be participating in the Skills USA competition later this year have started fund raising for their competition. The students will go up the day before the competition for the welcoming ceremony and other events, stay in a hotel room, and the next day will compete to demonstrate various skills before the awards ceremony later that evening. 

Mr. Moholland  also reported that the Welding class has finished the installation of the guard rails on the bleachers in the gymnasium. Because of a generous donation by Border Electric, the materials were able to be purchased. Mr. Moholland also reported that the Entrepreneurship  program is well underway and is enjoyed by both students and staff. 

Under New business the Committee discussed the disposal of the truck driving equipment. The program was ended a couple years ago when state regulation changed required that any student in that class be 18 years of age at least. Since the class’s disbandment equipment has been sitting at the school unused. Mr. Moholland suggested selling the equipment and putting the money from the sale toward the new Fire Science program. 

The Committee decided to take the matter under advisement and look at all the options before they made any decision to sell the equipment.

Next the committee held the second reading and adopted seven polices. 

The last item on the agenda, which was added at the meeting, was the changing of the Extension Application for Proficiency Based learning. After the initial application was sent in, the Superintendent’s Office was contacted and it was suggested that the Calais apply for Extension 5 rather than the Extension 3 previously requested. Extension 5 would require that the State come in and do in classroom evaluation of the teaching and how it meets the proficiency based requirements. 

Moholland: It’s very important that we are moving forward on this. It’s the law and it’s the right thing to do. It’s very important that we have the support of our school board, of our administrators, of our teachers and of our community.

The School Committee approved the changes to the application. 

The next school committee meeting will be held on January 20 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School library.