Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

This past week the library received donations of over 25 children’s books and more than a dozen cookbooks of many types. The Children’s Books are being moved from their temporary spot in where adult fiction had been. The children’s books are going back in the area where they had been. Our Library Committee will be deciding how to display the books which won’t fit on the beautiful  shelving which Jim Davies made before we got our grant for renovations and the addition. 

 These storms aren’t hard on just people, the furry and feathered critters find it difficult, too. Of course the squirrels take over the bird feeders for a while each day, then the birds start to fly in. I lost that sympathetic feeling a week ago when a Downy Woodpecker took over one feeder and started pushing seeds out with its beak as quick as it could shake its head back and forth. Maybe it was trying to help out the smaller birds by getting more seeds on the deck for them, But I find most of them prefer to zoom in to a feeder, quickly grab a seed, and fly back to the apple tree branches or the pine with it. Perhaps the woodpecker didn’t like the seed selection in the feeder. I decided it just wasn’t being nice, so I rapped on the window to send it on its way.


 It looks like we’re in for a spell of winter weather like the ‘good old days’. I truly enjoy greeting and waiting on the library patrons many of whom include a stop at the library when preparing for one of these storms. They select a favorite author and perhaps a few DVDs along with making a stop at the grocery and/or hardware store before topping the gas tank and heading home to ‘hunker down.’ Shovel safely and think on this-SPRING is only 40+ days away after the end of this month!