Calais School Committee Consider Truck Driving Program

By Kaileigh Deacon

The Calais School Committee met on Tuesday at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library. When the meeting was called to order and the previous minutes and that night’s agenda approved the committee moved onto the Superintendent’s Update. 

Superintendant Moholland reported that Robbinston would be holding a community meeting on February 25 at 7pm to discuss plans for the next school year and would like members of the Calais Committee and Superintendant to attend. 

Superintendant Moholland also reported that the lawsuit with the AOS has been settled back in December. The AOS was suing the City of Calais for anticipated funds while the City was suing the AOS for unanticipated funds. Both cases have been dismissed. 

Next were Administrator reports starting with Calais Elementary School. Principal Sue Carter told the School Committee that the students are participating in the Penny for Patients program. The students were all given boxes to fill up with change for the month of February. The goal is for Calais Elementary School to raise $500. This program is in three states including Maine, New Hampshire, and Maine. 

Carter also reported that Mrs. Batson has been taking a class once a week to bake banana bread. The Food Panty in Calais gets bananas donated but a lot of them start to go bad from not being taken. Before the bananas go bad the food pantry gives them to the school. Mrs. Batson takes the bananas and bakes the banana bread. The loaves of bread get taken back to the food pantry where they can be picked up by those who use the food pantry. 

Principal Matt Clark was next and he reported that Winter Carnival was the following week, this year’s theme is countries. Principal Clark also recognized students Bobby Moholland and John LaPointe. Moholland was recognized for his achievement at the Special Olympics held at Sugarloaf this year. LaPointe was awarded the Maine Principal Association Award. 

Superintendant Moholland reported that St. Croix Regional Technical Center has a new website. The new website is Moholland also reported that the St. Croix Regional Technical Center’s Exploratory program has been highly successful. The program allows middle school students to explore the six programs the SCRTC offers. It has been so successful that they have decided to extend the program another semester. 

Under New Business the first item was the reinstatement of the Truck Driving program at SCRTC. When the Federal laws changed stating that students under 18 could not take the class, the class was discontinued. The Federal Law has since changed so Superintendant Moholland is seeking to have the program reinstated. The program would be offered to students from Calais, Woodland, and Shead High Schools as well as graduates from those schools who were not given the opportunity to take the class while in school. The non-traditional students will only fill the spots left vacant by current students.

Moholland: I’ve been in conversation with the Community College as well as the Woodland Mill and it looks like we’re going to have a lot of truck driving vacancies. With the number of trucks coming in and out of the Mill they are looking to get a truck driving program going. So I think this is the perfect time for St. Croix Regional Technical Center to bring it back.

The Committee then adopted the second readings for four school committee policies before approving the overnight trip for the SCRTC students competing in the Skills USA competition in March. The last item was the Superintendant Search. With Moholland’s resignation the committee needs to begin the search. While there was no action taken at Thursday’s meeting, they did agree to have Company Name come and give a presentation on the services they can offer. 


The next meeting for the Committee is scheduled for Thursday February 24 at 6pm in the Calais Middle/High School Library.