High School Boys Basketball


Blue Devils #1 In Eastern Maine 

This past Tuesday the top seeded (16-2) Calais Blue Devils in Eastern C action traveled to Narraguagus where they had a big second frame outscoring their hosts 27-11 and then powering to an 85-57 win, as 8-players chipped in points. Kyle Johnson continued to lead the Blue Devils with 24-pts and 5-steals. Tyler Niles had a double-double with 15-points, 14-boards, 6-assists, and 5-steals. Andre Paul hit 14 with 4-steals, Nathan Newell collected 13, and 6-each from Perkins and Lola.

Calais                    13           40           63           85

Narraguagus            18           29           40           57

In Lee the next night the Blue Devils played from behind nearly the entire contest but forced an OT when 32-minutes ended 54-54. The Calais defense held the Pandas hosts to 2-points taking the win 58-56. Andre Paul paced the decision with 21-points, 6-boards and 5-steals. Tyler Nile hit 5 with 12-boards, Johnson 16-pts, 6-boards 2-steals, and Travon Rhodes hit 6 with 6-boards. 

 Calais                    13           26           36           54           58          

Lee                        19           34           43           54           56

 The Blue Devils were able to handle Woodland this past Thursday paced by Paul (7-steals) and Rhodes with 17/16-points respectively. The big Calais third added 24-points to the 13-point half time lead to insure the 75-31 win. Niles and Johnson (6-steals) hit 11-each, and Newell 9. For the Dragons senior veteran CJ Brown earned a double-double with 11-points & 11-rebounds. Chris Thornton added 8 and Justin Worden 5 for Woodland.

Woodland               9           17           23           31

Calais                    18          30          60           75

After three successive victories the Blue Devils hosted Fort Kent and again took charge early playing to a solid 62-50 win. Niles and Johnson each had 14-points and 9-rebounds, Rhodes hit 12-points, and Newell & Lola had 7-each in the win. 

Fort Kent                9 18           27           50

Calais                    21    31           41           62

 Blue Devil Season Leaders:

Average Points – Kyle Johnson 14.7  & Tyler Niles 14.3 per game

Average Rebounds – Tyler Niles 9  & Kyle Johnson 4.7 

Assists – Kyle Johnson 4.7  &  Tyler Niles  2.8

Steals – Kyle Johnson 3.9  & Andre Paul 3.4

3 pointers made – Travon Rhodes 41 made & Nathan Newell 24 Made

3 pt % - Travon Rhodes 41.4%, Nathan Newell 36.9%

FG % - Zack Lola 54.3 %, Andre Paul 51.5%

FT % - Nathan Newell 67.6%, Zack Lola 64%

 At Eastport CJ Brown with a double-double scored a game-high 20 points with 10 boards to lead Woodland to victory. Kalob Moody chipped in with 19 points, including 5 three-pointers. Chris Thornton added 14 points. Greg Jarrett led Shead with 19 points and Matt Harris added 9.

Shead    10193548


In Harrington the Shead Tigers battled tough with the C opponents playing through halftime with a 27-26 lead. A big 24-point third period gave the Knights the momentum to collect a 69-52 victory. With good balance the hosts were paced by Wright 13, Tenney 12, Fletcher 11, and Smith 11. Urquhart and Jarrett led the Tigers attack earning 13-points each. 



The Machias Bulldogs jumped early on Shead playing to a 37-19 halftime lead and then continued securing a 70-45 win with Wood scoring 19, Godfrey and Grant earning 14-each in the win. For the Tiger guests Jarrett paced with 16-points and Harris with 11.