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Town News

By Dorothy Johnson


The loyal volunteers who trained to serve lunches at the Community Café in Baileyville continue to keep the program going in spite of losing some of their workers to moving or illnesses.  The above eight members of the People’s United Methodist Church were recently awarded certificates of accomplishment s and recognition for their dedicated volunteer services by the Eastern Area Agency on Aging.  Volunteers from left to right are Rachel Hamilton, Iris Brown, Susan McCray, Carolyn Chretien, Marion Hunnewell, Pastor Randy Chretien, John Gallant and Jo Gallant. (Submitted photo)

The weather has been dumping snow on the Northeast for two weeks and it seems that Washington County is the bull’s eye.  The snow has been blowing around so much, the drift are sometimes six feet high. I know because I had one on my deck. Now I have a smaller drift blocking my driveway and the snow is falling once again. The weather has raised havoc with schedules for suppers, basketball games and school.   

My nephew Scott Peare, who is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas called this weekend and told me that the temperature in his truck on Sunday was 98 degrees. Harriet Martell in Converse, Texas was having “low” temperatures of 71 degrees. It is too bad they have to put up with these terrible conditions.

Harriet Martell also told me that Elizabeth Humphry Cushman, a St. Croix High School graduate in the class of 1949, passed away January 12th. Elizabeth, Joan Murphy Thorne and Harriet were great friends during their school days and Harriet and Elizabeth kept in touch through the years. A celebration of her life will be held in Farmington in the spring.

Karlaine Livingston, former resident of Baileyville, is recovering from hip replacement surgery at her folks’ home in New Hampshire.  Her address is Karlaine Livingston, % Marilyn Livingston, 113 Grissom Lane, Claremont, New Hampshire 03743 if anyone wants to send her a card.

The People’s United Methodist Church members did not sponsor their public supper on Thursday, February 5th because of storms and illnesses.  They also had to cancel their chili cook off, which had been scheduled for Saturday, January 31st.  

The gas prices are on the rise. In Baileyville, the price went from $2.18 to $2.24 in one day. We are lucky to have had the much lower prices for a couple of months.

Patriots’ fans were elated to have the men bring the trophy back to New England.  In spite of the controversy over the deflated footballs, the team kept its focus and played a good game.  Bob Fifield, former Superintendent of Schools in Baileyville, called from California and told me it was the best game he had ever seen…and he has seen many games.  It was certainly the best game I have ever watched. I hope I could say the same thing if the end score had been different. 

The Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennsyville sponsored another Children’s Story time last Wednesday.  The readers led in reading a couple versions of “The Three Bears” stories and acting out the kids’ favorite one, in which the family is humans, “the Blairs” and the uninvited visitor who messes everything up is the baby bear. Since this story involved the bear emptying the refrigerator, shelves, and toys in search of “fun” and his causing a flood by experimenting with various “water options,” there was a lot of hilarity. The story had to be read twice so all of the kids could have a chance at the choice parts. Due to the schools’ February vacation, this month there will be no second session this month. The next meeting will be the first Wednesday in March (the 4th).

Hats off to the public works’ crews and the D.O.T. for the work they are doing on the roads and streets. We have a lot of snow and they will have to move some of it when (if) it stops coming down. They are working long hours and have not had much free time and they are doing what they can. Local news reports stated that Eastport received 76 inches of snow in ten days.  Some of their streets have only room for one car and they are looking for places to put the snow before the next storm arrives.

This week special hellos are going out to Stan and Judy Clark, John and Jo Gallant, Michelle Gallant, Gloria and Ernest Leighton, Lynn and George Hill, Jane Sprague, Dick Carroll and Pastor Randy and Carolyn Chretien and John Harvey.

Happy belated birthday wishes to Pauline Cantwell and Michelle Stanhope of Pembroke.

This week (2-8) the Rebekahs canceled their Sunday breakfast. The weather forecasters are calling for a long, but slowly accumulating storm for the first two or three days of the week. I was snowed in on the farm from January 29th through February 6th. That is why I did not get my articles to the Advertiser last week. Do not forget the Rebeccas and Odd Fellows will be trying to get their Sunday fundraisers scheduled, bingo on February 15th and a breakfast on February 22nd.


The Spednic Club will be holding a benefit supper for Muriel McPhee on Friday, February 13th.  Muriel  and Danny worked tirelessly helping with community-wide activities.  Now is the time to show our appreciation.