Woodland Pulp Art Contest


WES Poster Winners

Just before Thanksgiving break 2014, Woodland Pulp LLC announced a student art contest that would be open to Woodland public school students grades K – 12.  Students were tasked with creating poster-sized artwork of the mill in any media of their choosing.

Working from photographs of the mill, art students in grades K-8 and senior Art II students drew and painted a variety of different compositions; some focusing on the stacks, others focusing on the overall structure of the buildings. The contest provided a wonderful opportunity for students to use their observational drawing skills and their imagination to depict a subject that they encounter every day.

All the students put a lot of effort into their work, and many shared personal stories of family and friends who work at the mill. The winners from each grade level received a cash prize and their artwork will be displayed at the mill for the workers to enjoy for many years to come. 


The winners were First Grade- Ava Shemat, Second Grade- Desiree Oulette, Third Grade- Chloe Hoyt, Fourth Grade- Moriganne Hewes, Fifth Grade- Luke Knowles, Sixth Grade- Brianna Jack, Seventh Grade- Sabrina Seeley, and Eighth Grade- Janelle McPhee. The overall winner of the contest was senior Raven Plourde.