Grand Lake Stream

Town News

Dave McCullough

Great news from Sue LaPlante:  “We are excited to report our ATV Grant has been funded in the amount of $35,000! I have attached the letter I was emailed. The grant will be supported with an additional $8,999 in club volunteer time and funds, bringing our trail rehabilitation project to $43,999. This is a real accomplishment for the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club and community.  The following are portions of the award letter.

“Dear Susan, I want to thank you for submitting an application for this current round of Recreational Trail Program funding.  The Maine Trails Advisory Committee (MTAC) reviewed, scored and discussed each application thoroughly.  As is always the case, there were many more applications this year than there was funding available.  I’m very happy to inform you that your application for the Trail Rehab Project was selected by MTAC for funding at the $35,000.00 level.

While this initial notice of award is cause for celebration I need to advise you that there is still much work to be done before you have a signed project agreement in hand.  The State has to accept the RTP funds from Federal Highway.  Then we have to get the proposed projects set up within the State’s systems and also within Federal Highway.  I am working to get this done as rapidly as possible.

‘Going by the dates on previous years’ agreements, it seems likely that you should see something in May.  This agreement will run through December 31, 2016, giving you two full construction seasons in which to complete your project.   I want to emphasize now however that no work can begin on this project until you have a fully executed project agreement.’

‘If you have any questions about the current status of your project do not hesitate to contact me.  My phone number is below and my email is  I look forward to working with you on the successful and timely completion of your project. Sincerely, Doug S. Beck, Outdoor Recreation Supervisor, Bureau of Parks and Lands.’

A special thanks to Sue LaPlante and her co-writers who wrote this grant to benefit all the ATV riders in the greater Grand Lake Stream Area.  Three Cheers!!!

The coyote contest is continuing and doing well with a total of 105 coyotes harvested - fifty two males and 53 females. The largest male weighed in at 44.7 pounds and submitted by Kevin Bernier. The largest female weighed in at 45.76 pounds and was submitted by Dave Tobey. This contest will allow more young deer to survive as coyotes are one of the major killers of young deer.

The Grand Lake Stream Snowmobile Club Saturday events continue to be well attended. The menu has varied and is well liked and enjoyed. The last Saturday for the Club to be open will be on the 28th of March. Between now and then be sure to enjoy the food and comrade with only two Saturdays left. One of the groups coming to the Clubhouse this weekend was a group of Boy Scouts and several were Eagles.  They were on a special trip as the winter comes to a close. Les at the Pine Tree Store tells of plenty of snow and the trails were frozen before this last snow so a trip to Grand Lake Stream is an enjoyable adventure with fresh powder (I hear this past week-end 12” fell and another 6” is on the way Wednesday).

A note from the Farm Cove Hermit titled:   A SMALL TRAGEDY

“The fox lay dead on the sea ice.  From high above the cliff where the house sits it looked like a bright orange flag.  I wouldn’t climb down but son Adam did.  The animal appeared to be in good condition, showing just a bit of blood around the mouth and no other physical damage.  It was not frozen and appeared to have died within the hour.  A mystery.  By the time Adam climbed back up a flock of crows had appeared and began feeding.  Just several hours later a bald eagle swooped down driving off the crows.  Late the next day the remains of the fox had vanished.  Nothing goes to waste in the wild.

“This has been a terrible winter for mammals.  The never ending series of snow storms and record cold has been a double edged sword.  Food sources have been scarce while the cold increases their energy requirements.  Fortunately the snow hasn’t been crusty which would spell disaster for game, deer and moose.”


Your humble correspondent: Dave McCullough 207-839-4205 or  Spring is here this weekend!!