Lioness News

The lovely new café in Calais, “Crumbs” was the setting for our March 3rd Lioness meeting with twenty members present including two Charter members, Teresa Ramsey and Norma Van Devander. Lioness President Cheryl Gillis brought the meeting to order after all had placed their orders for dinner. Roll call and Secretary’s report read by Lioness Secretary Nakuma Palczewski were approved and seconded; Treasurer’s report was read by Lioness Treasurer (for life) Laurel Perkins and approved and seconded. Sunshine Committee Chairman Lioness Mary Jean Redding gave her report. A report of Board of Directors meeting was read and we moved on to business.

Lioness President Cheryl Gillis volunteered a couple of members to our Scholarship Committee and mentioned that graduation will be here before we know it. Lioness Linda Coltart reported that the Rada knife sales are still going on and she wishes to spread the word for us to go on the Lioness Facebook page to order. The Calais Lioness benefit from any of these sales.

Lioness Linda Coltart announced that the deadline for the Lioness Cookbooks will be extended to June 15 if we all get on the ball and get our recipes in. So ladies, get on it. If any former Lioness members or friends of Lioness want to contribute recipes, please contact a Lioness Member. Remember if we all put in 10 recipes we have met the requirement so let’s get to it.

The first Sign of Spring!!! Lioness Becky Lacasse has arranged the Calais Motor Inn for our spring yard sale, not outside this year for OBVIOUS reasons! It will be held on Saturday March 21st opening at 8:00 am and run until 12:00 noon. If anyone wishes to contribute to our yard sale, please contact a Lioness member.

Lioness Lorraine Mitchell announced that the annual Charter Night dinner will be held at the Calais Motor Inn on April 2nd  at 6:00 pm. Easter will be the theme for the evening and we are hoping for some entertainment. This is the thirtieth anniversary for the Calais Lioness and we would love to have former Lioness attend. There is a flat price which includes salad, entree, dessert and tip. If you can’t attend, we would love to have your favorite story, a fond memory or whatever you can contribute to make the evening entertaining. As always we have door prizes, 50/50 tickets and a fun evening for all. If you’d like to attend or contribute a memory, please contact Lorraine Mitchell to be added to our head-count for dinner. 


Again, a big thank you to “Crumbs” for hosting our March meeting.