Town News

Elizabeth Mitchell

Last week some folks, as well as I, received an evening call from someone representing AARP. My usual response to evening calls which aren’t friends or family is to lift the receiver and immediately put it back. This time I listened. It was an opportunity to listen to/comment on a live discussion about issues related to aging. Our Senator David Burns and Representative Mark W. Eves of  North Berwick discussed some of the major concerns senior citizens and/or their caregivers may face. They were then taking calls of folks who called in with comments or questions. At the end of the conference call, the AARP representative came back on the line and offered that anyone who had questions or concerns or a story to tell should leave contact information and someone would contact him/her.  I recently read that DHHS is having an hour and one half conference on progress being made on some of the same issues. It is being held in Auburn on Wednesday, April 18 and in Portland on the 19th. What a service it would be if the program could be made more accessible through live broadcast on tv, internet, and telephone conferencing. For some who may be interested in hearing and participating in such a conference such a distance away from the far-reaches of Maine, it would be an expensive all day trip, and tiring to boot. I had just as soon get a written report of what the upcoming conference is focused on.

 Continuing with more on the topic of issues of aging, there will be a conference on Caregiving for folks with dementia and alzheimers in Machias in April. It is being held in the Science building of UMM on Friday, April 3rd from 8:30 to 3:30 and is free. There is limited space. If interested in attending, contact Gabrielle Rushforth at 255-1235. There may be more on the Sunrise County Economic Council site.


 The activities schedules for Princeton Elementary for the next week, beginning Thursday, the 19th are: Little dribblers 2-2:45; Cheering  3-4:00; and Boys’ Basketball 4-5:00. On Friday, the 20th Grades 3&4 have Basketball from 2-3:00, Cheering is from 3-4:00, and Boys’ Basketball is from 4-5:00. On Monday, the 23rd, Drama meets from 2-2:45, and Boys’ Basketball is from 3-4:30. On the 24th there is are Jr. High Basketball Games with Princeton at Robbinston. The girls play from 5:30 to 6:30. The bus leaves for the games at 4:15. Grades 3&4 have Basketball from 2-3:00 and Cheering is from 3-4:00. On Wednesday, the 25th, drama meets from 2-2:45, Boys’ Basketball 2-3:15, and Girls’ Basketball from 3:15 to 4:15.