Two Indicted on Unemployment Fraud in Hancock and Washington Counties

 Matthew Foster, District Attorney for Hancock and Washington Counties announced today that two individuals have been indicted for Theft by Deception and Unemployment Fraud in the past two months. Keith Goodrich, 47, of Bar Harbor was indicted on February 5, 2015 by the Hancock County Grand Jury. Goodrich was charged with one count of Class B Theft by Deception and one count of Class E Unemployment Fraud. Over a period of four years Goodrich is alleged to have fraudulently obtained Unemployment Insurance Benefits in the amount of $18,295.00. Goodrich obtained these benefits by filing weekly claims while he was working and did not report he was employed on his claims. 

Sean Stinson, 43, of Calais was indicated on one count of Class C Theft by Deception and one count Class E Unemployment Fraud by the Washington County Grand Jury on March 9, 2015. Stinson also filed weekly claims for benefits while he was working and did not report that he was employed. Stinson is alleged to have fraudulently obtained $7,882.00 in Unemployment Insurance Benefits that he was not entitled to receive because he failed to report he was working.

 “Unemployment Fraud is not a victimless crime,” said Foster.  “Unemployment Fraud causes business owners to pay more in Unemployment Insurance tax. That money could be better spent on increased wages, new equipment, or building improvements. This is a crime that cannot be condoned. Recovery of this money and its return to the Department of Labor Unemployment Trust Fund is beneficial to Downeast employers and employees who legitimately need unemployment benefits.  My office will continue to prosecute these crimes that have a direct impact on the taxpayers of Hancock and Washington Counties.”


 There are currently five additional cases pending Grand Jury in Hancock County and three cases pending the Grand Jury in Washington County. These eight cases represent over $60,000.00 in unemployment fraud. Foster expects the cases to be presented to the Grand Jury in each respective county in the following months.