To the Editor

To The Editor:

A bill stopping the unfair double taxation of some Maine retirees is now in the House, filed by Rep. Beth Turner.  It is LD 1142 - An Act Regarding the Taxation of Out-of-state Pensions.  If this becomes a law in 2015, it will stop all who made contributions to retirement benefit plans in other states from being taxed again.  It will exempt from Maine income tax the portion of retirement benefits attributable to the taxpayer's previous contribution.  Kipinger's Personal Finance said in a recent analysis that Maine is not tax friendly to retirees. Eliminating this double taxation which other states do not have will only help Maine change this unfriendly status.  LD 1142 will very soon be assigned to the Taxation Committee, which is a combination of Maine Senators and Representatives. If they do not unanimously support it, it will not go out of Committee to the rest of the House and Senate. So as soon as possible contact the following Taxation Committee members: Senators Nathan Libby, Earl McCormick, and Paul Davis; Representatives Adam Goode, Bruce Bickford, Paul Chace, Mathew Moonen, Dianne Russell, H Stedmand Seavey, Thomas Skofield, Stephen Stanley, Gary Sukeforth, and Denise Tepler.  Tell them to support this bill! Call and leave a message now at the State House Message Center at 1-800-423-2900 or email through the website If you would rather write a letter, send it to the Taxation Committee: State of ME, Taxation Committee, 100 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.  If the Bill makes it out of Committee, then everyone directly impacted or those who would like to be supportive of them, should contact their Maine Representatives and Senators.  Thank you!


Karen E. Holmes, Cooper