Grand Lake Stream

Town News

Dave McCullough

The snow fall in Grand Lake this weekend was minimal which allows for faster melting of the existing snow. Fishing opening on April 1st and the turnout for the start of the open water fishing season was strong. The first activity everyone saw was an otter swimming in the dam pool! One 2 person team said that in two days they caught 35 salmon. (Catch and release) The L.L.Bean Boot truck was on the scene. The water flow in the stream was set at 500 the day before open season. Thanks to the dam owners!

The Farm Cove Hermit is reflecting on being a “Hermit”

Hermit: one who retires from society – recluse - a molasses cookie.  I spent my cooking like daily speaking to large audiences.  I’m tired of it.  My kids are up and long gone and my wife is in Heaven.  Camp has provided me with solitude, incredible natural beauty and peace away from a clamorous world. Drawbacks? there are some.  Need something done – you must do it.  Cook, clean, wash, shop and fix.  No one to wait on you but you.  Conversely I determine what I’ll do and when – great freedom of choice.  Six months a year at camp provides the basics – no amenities.  

Last spring I purchased an A.T.V.  I noticed not a day went by that an A.T.V. didn’t pass by.  All those trails and roads beckoned. This old man is not afraid to try something different.  Little did I realize the impact of the decision.  Durng one visit by Dave and grandson Nolan he suggested I join the A.T.V. Club.  Hermits are not joiners , but I did.  A new dimension has been added to my season at camp.  The members made me welcome.  Interesting convivial folks – no cliques – just fellowship and food.  Another big bonus.  It has taken 25 years to meet my nearest neighbors.  A mile apart we had met just once before.  I relish their friendship and support.  Looks like Patty and Barry Weeks will shortly have to put up with my company again.  Hermits don’t behave that way.  What happened?  I’m exposed!

(Editor):  I hate to have all these “secrets” exposed about the piece of Heaven up here but it’s hard to keep a secret for too long especially after this long winter!


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