Town News

Cassie Oakes

Friday, April 24th was Deanne Greenlaw’s last day as the Alexander Town Clerk.  The Selectmen and several people from town went to the Town Office to surprise Dedi with a cake, plant and several cards.  A big thank you goes out to Dedi for all her years of service to the town.  Good Wishes and the Best of Luck in your job from all of us from Alexander!

The Breakneck Mountain ATV Club has decided to change its meeting day and time.  Meetings will now be the last Wednesday of each month and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Club House on the Cooper Road in Alexander.  Next Meeting will be May 27th.  All are welcome, come and see what they are all about!

Former Alexander Elementary School students, Anna Johnson and Ashleigh Pyles joined the rest of the Woodland High School Band on a trip to Boston on April 18th and 19th.  They visited the Aquarium on a Duck Tour.  They also saw the Blue Man Group and went to the Hard Rock Café, on Saturday.  On Sunday, the crew went to the Portland Mall and saw, “As You Like It” at the University of Southern Maine and that concluded their trip to Boston.  Anna Johnson is the daughter of Paula and Mark Johnson and resides in Alexander.  Ashleigh Pyles is the daughter of Michelle and David McVicar, of Cooper.

Dawn and David McClure were thrilled to have their granddaughter Lily come for a visit from Saturday until Thursday.  Lily keeps everyone on their toes and had a great time playing with her Uncle Anthony, dog Rascal and she loved helping to feed the baby chicks and spending time in the barn with Grammy.  Lily had lots of fun flying her kite with her Grampy David too.  Grammy and Grampy are already looking forward to her next visit with Miss Lily.

Mike and Mickey White, of Alexander, recently were able to spend a week in Florida visiting with their daughter Nicole Napoleoni, son-in-law Fabio and grandchildren, Marcus, and Lauren.  Mickey reports it was wonderful to see them!  They attended one of Marcus’s crew races and his team won!  It was awesome watching them be able to race and since we don’t have that here it was also quite educational learning all the ins and outs of the race.

Mike and Mickey were also able to attend Lauren’s School for a Family Day.  She was in a Flash Dance and Mickey in true grandmother pride said that Lauren was the best dancer, but then added that all the kids did a super job!  

The Family also went to Lake Jessup, which is inhabited by 9,500 alligators!  The lake is 12 miles long and approximately 12 foot deep at all points.  They went in an air boat on the lake and Mickey said it was very exciting! They saw many alligators.  

The Napoleoni Family is loving Florida.  There is so much to do there and are always busy.  Fabio’s art work is doing well also.

No sooner were Mike and Mickey home when grandchildren Michael and Sydney Ferris spent the week with them.  They had a great week and they love having them!  They are both teenagers now and Mike and Mickey are so happy they still want to spend time with Nan and Papa.  Mickey thinks they had a good Spring Break.

Nicole, Fabio, Marcus and Lauren will be home this summer and Mickey can’t wait for more quality time and having the whole family home including grandchildren Michael and Sydney and their parents. 

Elizabeth McVicar had hoped to spend the time with her husband David during Spring Break, but his company sent him to Pennsylvania to work.  So she spent time with the McVicar side of her family in St. George, New Brunswick.   Her niece, Krista Troast, and her children Thomas and Tori came from New Hampshire for a visit as well.   Elizabeth reported that it was nice to visit with everyone and see how much all the children have grown over the winter. 

Carly Davis and her mom Karen, of Alexander enjoyed a cruise Western Caribbean during Carly’s Spring Break.  They went to Cozumel, Mexico, where they had fun going zip lining and rafting through caves.  In Belize, Carly and Karen hiked through the rain forest to the Mayan Underworld and went cave tubing.  In Grand Cayman, they went on a sea trek, where they walked on the ocean floor.  Carly and Karen had a fantastic time on their adventure of a life time and some quality mother-daughter time!

The Alexander Fire Department is collecting bottles and cans. They can be dropped off at Randy’s Variety and a volunteer for the department will take care of them. The little extra funds from this project helps the department in many ways.  This is a year round project so anytime you have an abundance of returnables you now know what to do.

Spring is here and summer isn’t too far away and lots of folks are thinking about getting in shape.  I have noticed several folks out walking (including my dad)  If you want a little bit more fun than walking and perhaps an aerobic work out how about trying out Rosie Subialdea’s Zumba Class at AES   Classes take place every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:30 pm.  The first class is free and then only $5 a class after that.

No school, so no Friday announcements but thanks to teacher Emma Hill I do have a bit of AES News to share.

On April 15th, Officer Bob and Colonel Pooh came to the Alexander School for a visit.  They started their visit by playing on the playground with the entire school.  Then they came in to Mrs. Hill’s classroom and had a chance to sit down and talk with K-3rd grades.  Officer Bob let the students know the importance of his job, which is keeping people safe.  There were numerous questions from the kids.  Officer Bob and Colonel Pooh sat on the floor and just talked.  Officer Bob and Colonel Pooh will be back when their schedules allows time.  One of Mrs. Hill’s students, Carlos Oakes thought a teddy bear picnic would be a great idea and it would be nice to invite Officer Bob and Colonel Pooh.  Great idea Carlos!  Plans are in the works!  Thanks to Officer Bob for all he does for all the surrounding schools!

The gardening project that Ted and Liz Carter are working on with the 2nd and 3rd grade is moving right along.  The seedlings are going like crazy.  The ground looks better for transplanting.  Thanks Ted and Liz for your time.

The Buy One Get One Free Book Fair will be at the Alexander School on May 22nd.  This is a great fair to build on your home library.  Be looking for more information, such as book nights and a reading program for parents.

Please continue to send in Box Tops and Campbell’s soup labels.  The school just got 6 new basketballs with their soup label points!  You can drop these off at Randy’s Variety, or at the school during school hours.  Thanks to all who saves these for the school it is much appreciated!

Condolences to Crystal Roussel and family on the recent loss of her grandfather.

Good thoughts are being sent out to Leo and Madeline Perkins, Lynn and George Hill, Rhoda Leavitt, Dennis Perkins, Mathew Sullivan, Mary Wallace, Michelle Gallant, Carl Perkins, Vivian Perkins, Chris Landry and all the care givers that sometimes get over looked for all the work and time that they put in.

I am again collecting birthdays and anniversaries to publish in this column, if you have birthday or an anniversary wishes you would like me to share please let me know!

Birthday wishes this upcoming week go out to Beth Crosby, Kathy Goodine, Evan Brown, Terry Lord, Shawna McDonough, Courtney Ayers, Larry Hill Mary-Beth Newman and Phil McVicar.

Things were kind of quiet this week at the Beckett Center, we played some games, did some painting crafts and talked about safety walking on the roads in Community and Health.  Friday at the Beckett Center, we had delicious kielbasa and broccoli salad for lunch.  

I along with my family would like to personally thank everyone, who has sent us sympathy cards, called, visited and sent us flowers and food after the passing of my grandfather, Melvin Randall.  It is greatly appreciated and made this last week much easier.

Lucky loser this week at Randy’s Variety was Philip McArthur.

If you have news for the column you can get them to me by email, contact me on my facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me.  You can also leave news for me at AES. Or mail to 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694. Until next time, stay safe.