Indian Township


Grade four collects the highest dollar amount for Jump Rope For Heart. (Photo by Robin Bouchard).

Donna Meader-York

Welcome back from April break! Finally, we’ve seen a hint of spring, along with a lot of mud, but as long as the snow is going away, we can celebrate spring.

Thursday April 16, before vacation, Indian Township students collected money and jumped rope for the American Heart Association. Class rooms challenged each other to be the top collectors of donations, and individual students challenged each other as well. By the time the collecting was finished, Indian Township School students had raised an amazing $2534.80 for the American Heart Association. Broken down by classrooms, top collectors were:

1st place: Grade 4, $1004.50

2nd place: Grade 2 $706.37

3rd place: Grade 7, $238.08

Top students were:

1st – Lewey Harnois, $255.00

2nd – Evan Gillespie, $150.10

3rd – Shawn Bohannon-Lilly - $150.00

Honorable Mentions go to:

Simiah Lozada - $136.06

Genesis Sabattus - $117.00

Phoebe Neptune - $101.00

What an awesome job done by our students!  Our kids really do like to help others.

We had some very enthusiastic jumpers this year. Our top jumpers were:

1st – Alexis Lyons Rice, tied with Sylvia Brown

2nd – Kelsey Jervis

3rd – Muwin Dana

Honorable mention Jumpers:

Linda Newell

Naomi Newell

Justin Harnois

Walter Brown

Lyndon Harnois

Kendra Hayman

Congratulations to all who participated! Kulikisehtoltipa! You have all done well. 

The Friday before vacation began was filled with fun activities.  Younger students were treated to a visit from the Indian Township Fire and Rescue and Police Department. The children were able to explore the fire truck and cruiser, ask questions, and learn about the importance of both departments. Older students held an impromptu volley ball tournament with the different grades competing against each other, and competing with the staff. Staff vs. Students games are always a lot of fun for all involved in playing and for the spectators. From what I understand, the staff took a wallop from the students and were only able to win one game. ITS Staff is still taking a ribbing for their loss record. The most important goal was achieved in that everyone had fun.

During the week of vacation, Indian Township high school students were treated to a class in making moccasins. Slots in the class were limited, and students were to register ahead of time with Mindy Paul from Indian Township Health Center.  The class was taught by yours truly in a five hour session and will be finished up this Tuesday. All of the students really seemed to enjoy the class.

The After School Program is on hiatus for the next two weeks, while staff attends training sessions, and then planning sessions for new activities. Watch here or on our Facebook page for information about our last session of the year. 

If anyone has news concerning our students or our school community, and would like it to be included in this column, please call me at 796-2362, and I will include it.


That’s all the news for this week. Until next week, tan keyasin (take care of yourself) and never stop learning.