Town News

Linda Baniszeski

Happy Birthday to Terry Lord on May 4.

Meddybemps Lake is clear of ice in some of the larger bays and expanses.  However, there is still ice in our cove and small inlets around the lake.  In searching for past Meddybemps “Ice out” data, I spoke with Pete Trouant and Sally Ketchen.  I have also learned that Terry Reynolds has ice out records for years back, and will report more information on that as I receive it.

As to the definition of “ice out,” Pete Trouant said, “according to Ed Ketchen, the ice had to be gone on every part of the lake for it to be officially ice out.”  Jeff Orchard remarked on facebook that since Ed could see the lake from an airplane, it was easier for him to know when it was completely clear.  The way things are looking here on Monday as I write this, “ice out” should occur this week.  

During my conversation about ice out dates with Sally Ketchen, she told me that her sister Sue from Washington State is here for a week visiting with her.  Sally picked her up at Bangor Airport.  She will return her to Bangor when Sue will go on to Alaska to visit her twin daughters and families, and sister Diane before returning home in May.  Sally’s brother, Mark visited with her this winter, and will be back in June with his daughter. She has been through great losses, yet continues to exhibit her deep faith  Sally continues to keep busy helping others.  

Marc Reynolds has been back at his camp this week doing a lot of inside work.  Once the small glacier that covered a lot of his property finally shrank, he was able to drive through his lane.   

The warmer temperatures have also brought new kinds of birds to the lake, ponds and many feeders.  Sally Ketchen saw 3 ducks on her pond on one occasion, and a pair of ducks on another.  Chris Gillespie has been hearing the call of loons on the lake.  We have also had a few ducks on our property over the past two weeks; and have seen Canadian Geese flying over.  Monday morning, we had a pair of Purple Finches, some Juncos and Chickadees at the feeder.  A red squirrel chased away a little chipmunk trying to get to seeds kicked to the ground by the birds in the feeder.  The squirrel won that round.  We know the chipmunk will be back again when the coast is clear.  For the first time on the 27th, we had a Robin pecking in our yard, digging for worms and grubs.  Surely a sign that spring temperatures HAVE to be closer to becoming reality.  We can always hope.

It has been especially encouraging that friends and family have begun to contact us about their dates to visit with us this summer.  Looking ahead to happy visits and summer fun on the lake always raises our spirits.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10.  It would be nice to hear from anyone who will share favorite Mother’s Day memories to be included in next week’s Meddybemps news.  Please send information to or phone 454-3719.