Out and About

By Dorothy Johnson

The weather has been a bit cooler than the average temperatures at this time of the years, and the April showers are too cool to bring May flowers although I have seen some wayward plants showing.  The mud has not dried up and still continues to be problematic.

Fred and Debbie Sprague and Myrna are home from a long and lovely vacation in Florida.  Now Freddie has several medical tests scheduled in Bangor.  Freddie, we hope you are feeling better soon.

Linda Peare, Donna Peare and husband Dennis Stevens visited on the Ridge over the weekend.  They were very helpful in getting boxes packed (Grammie’s house) and unpacked (my house).  With lots of help, this move may all come together.

Greta Leighton has been moved from Calais Regional to Eastern Maine Medical Center. She fell and has several fractures in her pelvis and is having much pain.

Last week three more community members passed away.  Former Dragon Gordie McLellan of Baileyville died in a Bangor hospital.  Gordie had an accident shortly after graduating Woodland High School and has had complications from that accident for several years.  In spite of his medical difficulties, he always had a smile and a cheery “hello” for everyone. His “hellos” will be missed in town.

Marie Ryan, a former resident of Woodland, also passed away in Bangor.  She and her husband Ralph lived at Grand Falls when workers were assigned to take care of the hydro dam. Several of her children were students in my classroom and she was always a concerned parent. Marie had not lived in this area for quite some time.

Nancy Saunders Perry, a former Blue Devil, passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.  Nancy graduated from dear old CMHS in 1966, a year after I did.  She was the same old Nancy after all these year, smiling and helping others out. I do not know how she smiled through the pain.  She will be missed by many friends and her loving family.

The Class of 1965 is planning its 50th class reunion for August during International Festival. It hardly seems possible that 50 years have passed. President of the Class Vinton Cassidy and his wife Anne are working on the reunion along with Joan Mowatt Corning, Andrea Brooks Moore, Marie Pomeroy Johnson and Nellie Gibson Walton.  As soon as Linda Morrison McLaughlin gets back from the south, she will also be working on the plans.

The Robbinston Grade School will be going to school this Saturday (May 2nd) to make up another storm day.  The eighth grade will also be having a bottle drive on that same day. The students and staff at the school are planning an Academic Expo on May 13th beginning at 5:30 pm. 

The Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville with Lucy Keezer acting librarian had a record number of adults and children last Monday.  Some were making out new cards and they were all signing out new books. It is certainly the clientele that helps make a successful library.  The First Monday Tea will be held on May 4th at 4pm.  Wednesday’s children’s story will be focusing on Kipling’s “How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin.” Children will be reading the story, discussing the story and acting it out.

Community members in the Dennysville area held a very successful benefit spaghetti supper and Chinese raffle for the Seeley baby last week. The Parish breakfast will be this coming Saturday, May 2 from 7-9am.

I have received word that the Big Charlotte Yard and Bake Sale will be held on Saturday, June 20th. This sale will be organized by the Fire and Rescue Department Auxiliary and the funds will be used for items needed by the department.  The funds take some of the burden off the tax payers.  Organizers will be accepting toys, furniture, clothing, books, house wares, but no computers or televisions.  Call 454-7823 for further information, to make donations or for pickups.  

People’s United Methodist Church will be having its turkey supper on Thursday, May 7th beginning at 4:30.

Special hellos are going out this week to all of those people feeling a bit down. Madeline Perkins is doing much better and Jean Kneeland is back at home in the Junction. Special thoughts and good wishes are going out to Stan and Judy Clark, Ernest and Gloria Leighton, Pasto Randy and Carolyn Chretien, Michelle Gallant, Frannie Shain, Vivian Scott, Rhoda Lynn Leavitt and anyone else who needs a lift.  We are hoping you will feel better soon.


Stay safe and enjoy your week.