Pembroke Historical Society

The NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE: Rolfe Richter, Passamaquoddy Flute Maker & Musician

The sound of a Native American flute is hauntingly beautiful. In the hands and breath of a master it gives forth music that pierces gently through the noise of the modern industrial world; transporting the player and the listener to a spiritual world of the interconnection of Nature, place, person, and timelessness. We of far Downeast Washington County are fortunate to have such a master in Rolfe Richter of Perry. The Pembroke Historical Society has the honor of opening its 2015 program series at 7:00 PM on Monday, May 18th, with a presentation by Rolfe on the making and playing of the traditional Native American flute.

Rolfe, who takes great pride in his Passamaquoddy heritage, began playing traditional flute in the early 1990s. Then, as he says: “After playing flute for awhile, something was calling me inside. I had to learn how to make one.” He started making his own flutes several years ago, crafting them with patience and care, seeking to get his creations to make just the right sound. This he has done, making Rolfe a true carrier of one of America’s most important and defining traditions - - - the music of the Native peoples. It is music well worth hearing, and through it, sharing. Rolfe’s presentation will include a discussion of his making of flutes and their history and tradition, and on how Rolfe uses the flute to capture the essential qualities of Nature. 


Rolfe’s presentation will be enjoyed by everyone interested in history, culture, and outstanding music, and is appropriate for families and students grade 4 through college. Admission is free, and free refreshments will be served following the presentation. Donations to the Pembroke Historical Society are appreciated. For more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Sanfilippo at or 207-726-4747.