Spring Cleanup Means Better Gardening

It’s mud season but there is still plenty to do in the garden. It’s time to do a little cleanup that will make your garden grow better the rest of the season. 

Clean up debris and leaves to improve drainage.  Your garden soil need to be drained to be workable. Cleaning up the excess dead grass and leaves will allow the excess water to move away from your garden allowing your beds to dry out faster. This means you get into the garden quicker! 

Repair your raised beds and pathways. The heavy snowfall and frost have moved rocks and boards from their intended places. Fix them up as soon as the ground is workable, and you will be ready to when the weather and soil are warm enough to work. 

Start marking your new growth plants. We all have perennials that don’t make it from year to year and now is the time to keep an eye out for what needs to be replaced. Pull mulch away from the base of perennial plants to allow the ground to warm up a bit faster. 

Wait to add composted material. It may seem that now is the time to topdress your garden, but if you wait until it is warmed and dry,  you will have better results. Remember not to dig your established beds either. Your soil is a wonderfully complex ecosystem that you don’t want to disturb. When it is time, just add the composted material right on top and let Nature do the rest. 


If you are looking for ways to scratch that garden itch, try planting your seeds following a schedule, so you can extend the harvest. Do this by planting your first set of seeds, waiting a week, and then planting another set of the same. That way, as you harvest your veggies, you will have another harvest that is waiting in the wings. This is a secret for gardeners who work the farmers’ market in order to have produce for as long as possible from their gardens.