Woodcock Count Workshop

 Date: Tuesday, May 12th  Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Talmadge Rd, Talmadge  

Cost: Free   

Woodland management plays a big role in supporting habitat for the American Woodcock, a Maine bird whose population has seen long-term declines in the eastern U.S.  In this evening workshop, we'll start with a potluck discussion of your woodland management questions.  Then as sunset approaches, we'll walk to an excellent spot for observing the amazing courtship display of this special bird.  This workshop is open to women woodland owners and bird enthusiasts alike.


 To find more information and to register, please contact Amanda Mahaffey at amanda@forestguild.org or (207)432-3701, or visit www.womenowningwoodlands.net.