Town News

Cassie Oakes

I want to thank everyone that has been helping me gather news for this column.  This column is only as good as the news you share.  Lots of folks have told me they are enjoying the column and all the news about all the goings on with the locals, so thanks to those who share.  If you would like to share something all my contact information is at the end of the column so keep on reading.

Alexander Grange met on May 6th for their regular meeting.  During the meeting the Charter was draped in memory of Maxine Seavey who was a long time and very active Granger.  There was a lot of discussion on possible future events.  The Lecturer’s program consisted of all kinds of Mother’s Day trivia and information.  The meeting closed with some delicious refreshments and conversation.  Next Grange Meeting will be May 20th and will start at 7:00 p.m.

There was a little blurb on facebook about the Breakneck Mountain ATV Club stating that “First meeting of the year was GREAT!! They will be having a breakfast on the morning of the Alexander Hometown Jubilee on July 11th and are planning a Poker Run too, details to follow soon.

It is now time for the AES Friday Announcements for May 8th. Just a reminder, AES has a new website that is updated weekly.  There are weekly news and resources. You can find the web site at  HYPERLINK “ 

On Friday, May 15th all students will be travelling to Princeton Elementary School for a play production.  Bus will be leaving AES at 12:00.  Students will be back before 2:30. 

The Alexander-4-a-Cure, Relay for Life Team would like to thank all who participated in the recent Hat Day.  Alexander-4-a-Cure raised $30.00. 

While talking about the Alexander for a Cure Relay for Life team, did you know that they will be hosting a Bazaar? They will be renting 8 foot tables for $10.00 or 12 foot tables for $15.00. Contact B.J. Wallace, 454-7258, Emma Hill or Brenda McDonough at 454-2623 for more information. For those who do not know what a Bazaar is, it is a miss-mash of a yard sale and a craft fair. You can rent a table and sell whatever it may be that you have.

Here are a few upcoming events for AES.

The BOGO (Buy One Get One) Book Fair will be at AES on May 22nd.  It will run for almost two weeks.  The Fair will be open daily from 2:30-4:30 each afternoon.  If you need a special time to shop, call Emma at 454-2623, or 454-3751.  This is a great time to expand your child’s library, buy one, get one free!  Think Summer Reading!

There will be a Reading Night May 27th.  Come get some tips on effective ways to read with your child.  The school Science Fair will be held on June 2nd.  

On Tuesday May 5th, the second and third grade at the Alexander Elementary School, along with Ted and Liz Carter, planted kale in the school garden.  They also helped rake up some of the hay.  They checked out the garlic that has been growing all winter.  The class learned about how to harden a new plant.  Ted explained that the lettuce they started needed to be hardened, or it has to get used to the outside temperatures before it can be transplanted to the garden.  The tomato plants the class started are growing like crazy; they will be ready soon to be moved to the outside garden.  The class is learning many important things about food like how and where it comes from.

It was a busy week in the school, from Pre-K through Grade8.  Mother’s Day gifts and cards were being made by all the students.  AES hopes all mothers, grandmothers and aunts enjoyed their gifts!

The Tooth Fairy visited the school on Tuesday, May 5th.  They checked several students’ teeth and did some sealants.  Mrs. Hill’s class got a bag full of goodies from the Tooth Fairy.  The class had a how to brush your teeth health class.  Each child went home with a new tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, a calendar, a fact book and enjoyed several color and puzzle sheets!  A big thank you to the Tooth Fairy!

I received news recently that some of the AES crowd will be playing Little League baseball in Calais.  On the Pirates team is Kindergartener Logan DePriest, son of Sonya and Jerry DePriest.  Members of the Braves team are First Grader Jaxson Whitehead, his brother Kindergartener Jakoby, sons of Jamie Whitehead and Tracy Berry, First Grader Conner Croman, son of Erica Pike and Jason Croman, Kindergartener Gavin Berry, son of Chrissy Parker and Todd Berry and First Grader Grace Howard, daughter of Travis and Melanie Howard.

Also playing for the pirates is Grady Newman, who is the grandson of Donny and Gert Newman, of Alexander

AES Fourth Grader, Kyle Richard, the son of Julie and Marty Richard, of Alexander attended a Karate Competition on May 2nd in Fredericton, Canada.  Kyle came in 4th place in sparring between ages nine to eleven years old.  He received a Medal for his efforts.  Julie reports that Kyle did awesome!  Kyle was very excited when he was telling his friends at AES about the competition.  Congratulations Kyle and a job well done!

Good thoughts are being sent out to Leo and Madeline Perkins, Lynn and George Hill, Rhoda Leavitt, Dennis Perkins, Matthew Sullivan, Mary Wallace, Michelle Gallant, Carl Perkins, Vivian Perkins, Chris Landry and all the care givers that sometimes get over looked for all the work and time that they put in.

Birthday wishes this upcoming week go out to Fred Wallace, Jameyson Brasier, Lily Connolly, Roger Holst, Charlie Dix, Lynn Wallace, Dylan Cadett, Marion Hunnewell, Amanda McDonough, Debbie Hanson, Esther Tozier, Allan Greenlaw, Sr., Danielle Poole, Terry Holst, Russell Buker, David Sivret and Jim Davis.

Anniversary wishes this upcoming week go out to Wayne and Cheryl Ingersoll and Roger and Fran Holst.  I wish both couples many more years of wedded bliss!

Lucky Loser this week at Randy’s Variety was Clayton Blake.

There will be a Free Family Movie Night taking place on Friday, May 15th at People’s United Methodist Church in Baileyville.  The movie that will be playing is called Space Jam.  Doors will open at 6:00 pm, with the movie beginning at 6:30 pm.  Popcorn and a beverage will be available as well.  So come, bring your kids and have a blast, I know that Carlos Jr. and I are planning on being there.

I, along with my Beckett Center friends headed to the University of Maine in Machias for the spring Special Olympics on Friday May 8th.  I had a blast reconnecting with friends from other Day Programs.  The festivities kicked off with the opening ceremonies.  Next we took part in a parade.  Lunch was provided also.  In my events I received three first place ribbons and a fourth place ribbon in wheelchair racing and a softball throw.  My friends brought home lots of ribbons too.  Next stop, Special Olympics in June at the University of Maine in Orono.  

If you have news for the column you can get them to me by email at, contact me on my facebook page, by phone at 454-2344 (if I’m not home please leave a message), or dropping off a note at Randy’s Variety for me and Dad will make sure I get them.  You can also leave news for me at AES.  Of course you always have the option of snail mail, 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, Maine 04694.  Until next time, stay safe.